I am going to show you how you can create money saving tips goal plan and freedom from emergency funding by using some of the skills you already have while using a little proven money-saving secret that will save you thousands of money.

30 Best easy ways to save a lot of money fast

1. Stop high cost bad habit

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

I used to smoke heavily but quitted after I encountered an old-time friend about my skin. Those habits are expensive to purchase and to maintain.

For example, smoking is not cheap apart from it being dangerous to the health of a smoker likewise alcohol and drug addicted. Imagine the amount of money that will be save by cutting down on this habits talk more of quilting it completely.

People with high cost bad habit should check the benefits against the cost then choose a plan on how to save money every day.

2. Set a savings goal plan

Yes, the first thing to do is to set a goal plan for money. On the matter about how to save money, just set a savings goal plan. Do you know that people with money savings goal plan tend to save faster than those that don’t have.

Your plan will make savings for specific goals much easier or even a best way to save money to get rich. Do you know that managing money tips can be the easy ways to save money to buy a house. Occasionally the toughest thing about saving money is just getting started by doing the first thing as mentioned above.

The following simple tips are proven tips on how to save money can help you develop a simple, realistic and measureable.

3. Take charge of your utility cost

This is another important easy money saving tips that you need to revisit in order to cut down on all your monthly subscription that are in excess and focus on the ones that add value to your life. You can reduce bills on telephone by making necessary calls; choose a lower TV subscription rate.

Utility bills are always high in our homes and offices but we can use energy efficient light bulbs, they consume less energy, last longer than normal bulbs but cost more when you buying it on the onset but saves money on the long run.

Another way on how to save money each month by keeping the lights off in your home when they are not in-use, it will keep the electricity bill low and accumulations of it become huge money. Ordinarily is a good habit to practise and sunlight when possible.

4. Make your own household products

This is another easy saving tip that I use, I made my detergents, bar soap and other products that I use at home.

Sometimes I sell to friends that visit and like the perfumes around my house due to the products that I use in cleaning or odour control.

I save a lot of money from it rather than buying one from any shelf and I try to be creative with it any time I mixing the formula.

Engage in some DIY crafts that you use at home rather than buying from brands and is one of the managing money tips on earth you can try.

For instance, if you budget $10 for monthly bathing soap and you produce the soap at home using $5, you can even make money from selling the excess soap to friends and still consume soap that is produced to your taste not standard soap.

5. Spend on your needs

Most people buy things that they don’t need just because is on a bargain making them collect all collectible whether they it or not and turn their space to a dumping site. Buying what you need but not what you want is the best money saving tips that you can adopt.

You can save cost by engaging in conference meetings rather than travelling for the meeting or have a physical meeting where by you provide for breakfast as well as lunch.

You can start selling off some of the unused or unwanted things now so as to recoup some money. You have to be very careful with low prices found when things are on sales as reasons to buy things that you don’t need, it will cost the little money you have at the end the items are not useful to you so stick to sales that the items are listed on your shopping list.

You can achieve your fitness program at home by doing some home workout exercise as well as saving money from paying for gym.

6. Be your own stylist and your household.

Yes, we all need to look good which is actually expensive. You can learn the basic skill so you can carry on making your own hair whether cutting or fixing extension.

Any money spent on acquiring any tools will be recouped within a short period of time as you continue to make your own hair; this method of saving is so unique and can save a lot of money as fast as possible

7. Credit cards for essentials and good Management

Oh No! Credit card is actually good if is used meritoriously but can be easily be abused forgetting that the money spent out of it will be paid back no matter what you spend it on whether is on frivolous things. You can save through good management so as to improve your credit score, knowing that a good credit score can save you thousands of money both on interest.

Students always fall prey to this so the best way for any student especially the ones that lack saving skills should hide the card rather carrying it in the pocket. The proven money saving tips for college student is to spend credit cards on essential items.

8. Brew your own wine.

You can Save Money by Spending Less. Here are some ideas to keep you from spending the money you already have. I have seen friends that drink like one bottle of wine on a daily basis and host wine party. They always buy the content and brew it themselves.

They got plenty bottles of wine drinks that taste good and were even planning on doing it as a business due the money they saved from it. That’s to show you they are even thinking on the best way to save money to get rich or make money to be rich.

9. Be debt free and set reminder of your debt.

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

Try to clear your outstanding bill and avoid acquiring more debts in future, adopt a debt free life. If you adopt some of the tips given here, you will have an easy ways to save money to pay off your debt.

You need to understand the existing debt terms and create a reminder on when they are due and keep a record of your payment using reducing balance method that accountants used.

You know that you will always repay what you owe because you are in debt so the earlier you pay off your debt the better for you and you can plan your life being debt free.

10. Access any customer royalty reward

For example, some of the grocery shops that you do shopping at their store. They are interested to reward you for the shopping and you now have choice of collecting the reward through option of reward cards for their customer which accrued points as you shop.

You can still use the points to shop for your grocery; some collect your emails and send coupons valid for specific period of time to use within their store.

And also, you can plan your shopping items to be around the massive promo time so you can save money especially on items with long shelf life. This is one of the tips for saving money on groceries. Make sure you buy things that you need not because they are on discount.

11. Engage in home cooking not outside eating

Use these money-saving tips to generate ideas about the best ways to save money in your everyday activity like such as utility savings of pack your lunch to work rather than buying outside.

Eating outside is very expensive whether as one person or family. If you don’t know how to cook even basic meal, is a basic skill you need to acquire. You can start by getting some cooking book and start practising making your own meal that’s one way on how to save money.

Cooking and eating homemade meals can be as healthy meal as possible apart from saving money factor. Another saving trick and idea is trying to take breakfast meal that will leave you filled throughout the day such as cold or hot oat.

12. Resell unused or unwanted itself

There is a lot of money saving tips at home to follow such as using your spare time to check your space for things you no longer need then recycle them or sell them to charity shops and make money while saving from the ones you recycled. And also, keeps your space clean.

13. Have a credit interest paying account to earn money

You need to search for accounts that offer good interest rate rather than the one that will be charging you for every activity in your account. The good banks out there always come up with new products relating to checking or saving accounts, you need to be constantly looking out to switch accounts to get a better deal. In the instance you don’t just save money but earn some money.

14. Look for deals or bargains

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

You need to take a step-by-step approach on how to save money to help you achieve your savings goals, and such approach is to enter into bargain or mega deal so that you can get money

15. Engage in price comparison before shopping

Most times people just walk into any stores and buy stuffs without considering the place that can get any particular item cheaper than the other grocery store.

For instance, these is how to say money fast that I have adopted, I looked at my monthly expense and realised that grocery shopping is a huge expenditure for me that always smash my budget so I decided to adopt a tight managing money tips that are workable for me.

Here are some of them, I buy tissue roll and paper from a different stores and fruits and dairy products from another ones and buy washing powder when they are discount or promo from another convenient store.

16. Have a cash flow budget

General savings tips are to have a cash flow budget to avoid emergency finance or funding because you need to know what cash you have before spending. You need to create a cash flow budget for long term purposes that’s into the future such as saving for retirement as early as possible.

17. Live in an affordable accommodation

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

Whether is an owned accommodation or rental property, it is a very reasonable to live at an average accommodation so you can save money to buy a house. Some places cost of living expenses are very high and the expenses might not worth the main reason for living in such area.

Imagine where your household is 4 in number when you want to buy a house you don’t need to buy big houses because some room will end up been a waste so save money for other projects or investment by buying a small house.

18. Have a shopping list and follow the list

As noted above, shopping for your needs is very important and one of the money saving tips to save a lot of money fast.

Going to a shopping mall or store is actually a fun exercise and you can fall victim of buying what is not on the list or that is not an immediate need or needed but because is a bargain; the shops are very colourful with eye catching products and promo that if you don’t stick to your list.

So make your list before going and stick to it. One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases.

19. Engage in gardening

It is always a good idea and a hobby to have a garden around your house to plant some seasonal vegetables. This is something I don’t miss doing all year round that I even sell some to my neighbours and am sure is organic.

Now, I make money from it, save money from not buying from stores and use organic soil nutrients so the produce healthy organic vegetables that we eat.

20. Don’t over spend on your kids

Kids are born to explore as well as adventurous so you need to understand that and be guided not to go over your budget, there are lots of interesting activities you can do at home with them or spend little money to acquire some kids craft that they can do at home every cookery book for kids. It’s cheaper and at the same time very educative.

21. Avoid going to the mall unnecessary

You don’t need to go visiting shopping centre when you don’t have any shopping to do all in the name of sightseeing or window shopping or kill time because you are experiencing boredom. You will end up buying something that you don’t need and out of your budget.

The shops out there have strategies they use for impulse buyers. You need to adopt effective saving money tips and tricks to avoid being impulse buyer.

22. Buy quality durable items

Buy quality items with longer period guarantee because they are durable rather buying low quality items that will spoil as soon as possible and you will be heading for another one.

hat’s a waste of money and you are engaging in repeated buying which is not a good ways to save money because you will keep replacing it It’s worth the time to do a bit of research when you buy a new appliance. You need to buy products that have positive reviews by researching on what customers have to say on the items.

23. Repair your clothes rather than throwing them away

Once you have clothing’s you will always experience wardrobe malfunction rather than dumping the cloth and purchasing another one while the old ones are still good just that one of the hook or button or thread is loosened, you need to look for tailors that can repair them or you learn simple sewing so that you can save money by doing some of those little repairs by yourself.

24. Shop after the holidays

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

Most items are discounted after every holiday date that is best time to shop for things because the stores do give double discounts. These methods of saving are what I use to plan for next year holiday some people are of the opinion that the things will be out-dated by next year.

25. Try generic brands of items you buy regularly

Try using store brands that are good rather than buying premium brands that’s how to save. You make a frugal meal instead of those costly ones. The importance of saving money is limitless especially as a backup in time of financial emergency.

26. Deep freezer very vital

You don’t need to be buying and cooking on a daily basis even if you are a sit at home mum. It’s important for discount purchase as noted above following the planned budget and shopping. It helps to plan and execute monthly feeding to meet the saving tips goal.

27. Buy used stuffs rather than new ones

Imagine a situation that you are planning for your wedding with a small budget, it will be a wise approach to search for wedding dress of your choice in second hand stores rather than buying a new one with average cost of $1,000usd, this is part of wedding money saving tips that a bride can adopt, the same procedure apply to every other thing in life except life itself.

28. Hosting friends than hanging out

What are some money saving tips and 30 ways to save a lot of money fast?

Most times people do entertain their friends by hanging out in a pub or restaurants but you can save money when you host them at home which is cheaper when you are on a mission to explore some money saving tips and ideas. It’s not only cheaper but more relaxing, private and can play a lot of indoor activities.

29. Engage in DIYs

These days almost everything you purchase comes with tutorials on how to fix it so you don’t have to call a handy man, whom will in turn be paid money that could form part of your saving pool.

30. Holidays

Most people set a saving plan and the savings goal will be holidays then next year they the start the process again, holidays are always fun but you need to cut down on your holiday expenses such as cheap hotels with better deals. Save money by looking for cheap camping and picnic not vocation all the time.


You need to change your spending priorities. Check out the 30 easy best ways to save a lot of money fast, it’s a total package type of money saving tips and you need to work on all the money tips above but implementing a few of them is better than implementing none. You’ll save a lot of money fast in no time.

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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