Well, I hit my goal, thanks to the red button of relocation alert.

If I remember rightly, I have been busy writing other articles and business stuffs but got to take a short break to write off this interesting experience of mine with my recent relocation to Lagos.

Have you been dreaming of starting your own business but low on capital or asking of what business can I do with low capital?

You don’t need to dream any more, just gather your dreams together here with my hands on practical experience due to my relocation to Lagos, that will guide you in making real life decisions; so roll off your sleeves nicely and read through on type of business to start with low capital in Nigeria.

Most people are living in fear of starting their own small business with the hope that all businesses are burden with high startup cost but this article will inspire you and showcase many businesses that are low capital startups which you can start immediately with or without skills in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria.

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Again, you are here because I’ve started some of the doable lucrative business ideas and one of it, is this and that’s why you are here. Enjoy!

I promise, you don’t need to have a lot of capital to start a small business that is lucrative especially when you want to turn hobby into business.

Your business can be service based business ideas or product based business ideas, most times service based business ideas require little or no capital as you can use existing personal items such as phone or laptop that makes it low on overhead cost.

There is a popular saying that “anything you can’t find in Lagos can’t be found elsewhere” that why this article will mainly focus on business ideas in Lagos with low capital.

Most of them are my doable workable practicable life experiences that are already happening now in Lagos, however, you can still adopt this same business ideas in other cities and still be profitable.

We can’t talk about the substance without talking about the subject, so let me tell you a little about this big city called Lagos (Eko) that I came to fall in love with.

Lagos is the business hub of Africa and can accommodate any business given its population and large market.

Lagos is one of the largest cities in Nigeria and also the largest city in Sub-saharan Africa with its growing population of over twenty million people and yet the best place to set up profitable business with small capital both in Nigeria and Africa.

The influx of people into Lagos on a daily basis has made the city to become a city that won’t stop growing and a city that doesn’t sleep.

Here are 55 business ideas with low capital and high profits to consider venturing into within Lagos, Nigeria:

1. Mobile supermarket or office supply

In recent time, the need for this service has increased due to many workers have no time to go out for office supplies or food so they can contract the service out if it’s available.

To demonstrate this, I involved my next door neighbour in Lagos into this business because she is familiar with Lagos as well as unemployed. We supply hospital stationaries, office inks, cleaning products even printing jobs like out-patient cards, different registers while we adds margin of 30% inclusive of tax.

We does these on a monthly basis that serves her as monthly salary, although sometimes when they are close to running out of stock before the reorder level they place an urgent call for supplies, imagine replicating the same and looking for other companies to service.

This is the best low capital business ideas with good return that you can work only 3 days in the Month(The day you purchase the products from wholesalers, supply day and payment day), what a cosy way of working and making money too.

If you want to take up this business you will give some offices cold call to introduce what service you have to offer. The skills needed for this job is to know how to add up profit margin and where to purchase the products at wholesale prices so as to have high profit and lower cost.

Furthermore, you can open a mobile supermarket like stocking up a van even giving it a nice brand that can be catchy with supermarket products supplying retailers or selling at a busy junction even to estates provided your prices are unbeatable with assorted products.

2. Point of sale (POS) services

This is another lucrative business ideas in Lagos which I experienced with lots of ugly incident and different from the easy way I do access money while living in the UK.

Needless to say that banks are a little bit far from residential areas so hopping on public transport will cost more money and waste your time excluding the waiting time at the ATM queues and sometimes after the long waiting time that you don’t know when the waiting will end, you might still not be able to access money due to some reasons.

My experience while working in ASDA UK as a student was that of asking customers when they are about to pay for their groceries whether they want a cash back (you give them the amount of cash they needed, add it to their total gorcery bill and remove the two from their bank card), look at this as a strategy to reduce the cash float with the superstores, money saving tips and at the same time saving the customers time while satisfying the customer even corner shop do same.

Therefore, stores in Lagos or other cities should be able to do same for a customer paying bills at no cost, it will drive traffic to your store when you do so and advertise that service.

In addition, one can come to a busy location and set up a POS service to service that population. You can add services for all payable Epayments such as paying for other bills like electricity, motor licence and national exams fees like WAEC, JAMB.

I dare to say, if you engage in any form of depositing or collecting monies from customers make sure you have full securities within. This low income business idea is good but very risky because of hoodlums and agberos.

On the contrary, you have to collect monies to be able to give people that are withdrawing not to mention security in Lagos is poor I must tell you.

3. Bookkeeping services

How can I miss this small business to start in Lagos. Lagos has lots of start-ups and SMEs that needs bookkeeping services.

In my experience, most entrepreneurs are scared of numbers and lack the skills to perform such tasks but they always take cover with concentrating on their core competitive advantage.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that you don’t need to be a Fellow of ACCA or Chartered Accountant like me to perform this task as a freelance bookkeeper but basic accounting for creative and why do we need it .

For one thing, you just need basic knowledge of accounting to perform tasks like company registration including agency registration, payroll activities, financial statement, filing system/documentation, accounting software and so on as required by the organisation. So I welcome you to hop on this!

4. Mini importation business

I discovered that, you don’t need to have all the money to fill up a 40ft or 20ft container before you can start importation business, that’s why I refer to it as mini importation.

Social media is your gateway for advertising and disposing your products. A good way to start is by importing household products or products that you use, let alone you give positive review from such products while you need to consider exchange rate and clearing fees to know your selling price.

With the help of internet, people including young entrepreneurs like you start importation business. Bear in mind that you need to import products that people need; you can check trending products online.

As you can see, I needed urgently to get 1 terabyte hard disk that was sold at N12, 000 from computer village Ikeja Lagos without waiting for my mini importation goods order to arrive.

On the other hand, 2 weeks after I bought 2 terabyte not one terabyte at same price including clearing fees from China through  https://chincotonaija.com/ . (Not sure whether to mention but that’s my experience and for my record. Hope I won’t burn my fingers)

Most people start this business with less than N100, 000 then make huge profits given the inflation in Nigeria is not limiting them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

5. Mobile Phone sales and Repairs

Mobile Phone sales and Repairs

You need to acquire this skill with little money and is a business to start in Lagos with low investment. You don’t need much capital and heavy operating equipments just any laptop can do, some handy tools, repair kits.

You can operate this business from anywhere whether in your apartment or roadside or rent a shop depending on your capital but the important thing is that you must communicate to people that you repair phones and other similar gadgets like ipad and laptop.

In short, take a ride to GSM/computer village in Ikeja Lagos or Abuja Nigeria and see the setups as well as the patronage so that you can be more fired that this business is a lucrative one, I have to travel to GSM village in Ikeja Lagos from Festac to change my phone screen, transfer my files from one phone to another one and buy hard disk for my laptop.

I share my point of view on this, I needed urgently to get 1 terabyte hard disk that was sold at N12, 000 without waiting for my mini importation goods order to arrive. On the other hand, 2 weeks after I bought 2 terabyte not one terabyte at same price including clearing fees from China through https://chincotonaija.com/.

You can see there is so much money to make from it especially if you provide the service and sell the accessories imagine sourcing from China to Nigeria to anywhere.

It used to be strange for me so I wonder why people move around with more than one phone until I got cut in the web of not having network connection for 24 hours on my phone that is to say I joined the wagon but not the bad one.

Again, due to poor network with the GSM companies so is easy to switch from one network to another at any given time you experience poor network.

Having at least one sim card from each network provide in order to always be connected is not new or strange but a way of life in Nigeria, therefore, the need for more than one phone will be natural, they need accessories for them while you can upgrade to selling new or used phones to increase your income streams in long run

In this case, you have to first identify your market and feed them with their needs. You can even partner with companies like this Samsung online store Nigeria for easy market penetration.

6. Day care centre or Crèche

I remember my sisters having 3 Months of maternity leave to nurse their babies after childbirth before returning back to work. Their biggest challenge was where to register the baby for crèche after 3 Months and the crèche must be closing by 6pm so she does not need to be panicking coming before close of work even weekends.

The need to start work after childbirth is very important as to care for the baby’s need so the need for the service of a crèche will always be in demand as long as mothers are in active service.

If you have soft spot for babies then you can do this business and earn good money as well as filling satisfied with the job.

You can start a babysitting or day care centre while registering the business with appropriate authorities to avoid issues.

You can design it in a way to accommodate mums whom work over the weekends and weekdays evening including freestyle or owambe mums while you smile to the bank for providing such services.

7. Dry cleaning business

I saw this business as one of the hottest business to start in Lagos and make triple the profit margin that could be made elsewhere.

As an example of my experience with drycleaners in different cities; I was in Enugu and Imo city while I needed the services of a dry cleaner, I paid N100 for dry cleaning a long sleeve shirt while in Lagos I paid N300 for the same shirt.

As you can see, this clearly indicates that you can start this business idea in Lagos or Abuja even offer pickups of dirty laundries from customer’s home and deliveries. Apart from people don’t have the time to do their dirty laundries; there are some clothes or home interiors that you can’t hand wash but can only be dry cleaned.

8. Fast food delivery service

The average Lagosians (new term for me meaning Lagos resident) are hustlers.

How do you expect someone that leaves his or her apartment at early hours of the morning like 5amish to have breakfast around that time whether cold or cooked breakfast and it equally cut across school children as well as returning late at night due to congested road traffic at every location.

In fact, these categories of people don’t have time to prepare their meals let alone to sit down around the dining table to eat it, they wish but is not happening yet they need to fuel their body as living creatures.

They have no time to make meals for themselves and given the traffic situation, most of the working class always have their meals on the go giving birth to rise in fast food business or offer to use despatch riders for delivery to working class people who might not want to use up their work or break time on traffic in the cause of scouting for meals.

You will be sure to make good money from fast food business because Lagos is a city where every individual is on the move and very fast in everything except traffic.

As a result of digitalisation, you can decide to take Ecommerce route by creating website for your brand or an app where the working class can order food using your Ecommerce platform at the comfort of their office. In addition, using social media platforms as well as placing your daily menus with the options of customers choosing where to deliver the meals.

In other to explore this option very well you need to outsource the delivery to a logistics company so that you can concentrate on your core strength using despatch riders as mentioned above or set up food stands in the targeted area.

I discovered that you can achieve this low capital start up business in Lagos irrespective of the location as each location has its own dense population that will service this niche.

In any case, people don’t have time to cook but are willing to explore good delicacies. If you want to be successful and let money spin for you, you will factor this in your business same with other businesses in Lagos because they don’t have the time to waste or wait for you; you need a strategic plan, be consistent and focus.

For instance, you need to choose your operating time and communicate that to your customers for retention, it can be in the morning for people going to work or evening for people returning late, whatever time there is always people that you can feed; without leaving out the key quality that is having a tasty delicious meal for your niche market.

With this in mind, if you have the skill to create delicious meals you can start this lucrative business in Lagos with small capital.

One other thing, you must not run it as a full based restaurant which might be capital intensive but target to service below middle class customers.

9. Personal or corporate caterer

This is another low investment high income business whereby you can offer your skill by cooking the dishes the clients wants to stock up in the freeze or host a party.

Now, you are to list and cost the required ingredients for the various dishes while the customers pays you for the labour and that can be done in the customers home or at your preferred location then delivered to the customer.

Some customers are with special diets due to health challenge so their nutrition is very important as they want to eliminate condiments and processed products while leaving their foods to taste natural.

Therefore, you must acknowledge that nutrition and special diets are a must to achieve that natural taste by using natural or organic ingredients.

They are interested in 100% organic mouth-watering and natural foods at a specific budget.

10. Freelance Content developer/Ghost writer

Is a business you start with what you already have like phone and laptop. This business gives you room for other engagement and you can do it at anytime and anywhere not necessarily a 9 to 5 job that is remotely. I remotely writer for two companies not in Nigeria and is similar to that of content writer just that you are temporary or self-employed.

You can also create your own blog and post your articles while growing your audience and use this medium to tell the world that you are a content writer that one can outsource to.

Also, you can list your service on fiverr for as low as $5, therefore, interested people will view your work and make decisions to engage you.

11. Website design and maintenance

Every business wants to follow the trend without being left out and the trend right now is having an active engaging website that chunk followers into paying clients.

Having a website doesn’t rest on corporate bodies alone but some high profile public persons and celebrity do request for websites to communicate to their fans easily.

The need for a website designer comes to play and it can fit in as one of the businesses to start in Lagos as most businesses has their headquarters in Lagos even start-ups.

There are simple design tools out there that you can lay your hands on when designing a professional website and videos to aid you in perfecting your work, you can even host to your service as well as buying domain name.

Moreover, you can do this as side hustle before investing or upgrading yourself. The skills needed here is for you to be able to design a professional website, build web pages, create web graphics design, upload to the server and offer maintenance.

12. Social media manager

Similar to that of content writer, most organisations out there are making use of one or multiple social media platforms to drive business; generate leads and increase conversions.

Managing social media accounts is quite a handful from developing contents to posting, some startups work on their social media accounts due to limited funds to outsource while large companies outsource it out by so doing there is need for a social media manager so they can concentrate on their competitive advantage.

You can take away the burden for a professional fee while offering amazing social media strategy ranging from creating contents to engaging their audience and converting the engagement to sales.

What’s more, you will need to know how to use the popular social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube for Videos, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and so on for digital marketing.

Another way to this business ideas with small capital but requires time and patience is by posting contents on your personal page that can engage people who then turns out to be trustworthy followers.

You can become a popular social media personality or influencer. You can be sure major companies would be contacting you to post their advertisements on your page or ask you to develop the content for posting; you can now charge for the content and the ads itself.

13. Home tutoring service

Do you have passion for teaching, knowledge of kid’s syllabus and patience with the kids. If the answer is yes then this low income business ideas is for you to cash in.

If I’m not mistake, most Lagos parents are on the go in short, nowadays parents whether they are in corporate world or business people in the weekdays or owambe people partying over the weekend or even illiterate parents who can’t take the kids on any key subjects like English, Maths and Sciences as a result, the service of a private home tutor will be needed.

14. Car rental business

The demand for car rental has increased because people need cars for so many reasons. I noticed a lot of flamboyant or showy lifestyle in Lagos especially among the youths; the female folks want to hang out with males that got flashy cars so the guys have to rent flashy cars on daily basis to meet up with the ladies expectation and luxury lifestyle.

In my own opinion, the once I interacted with saw flashy cars as luxury with affluence not as necessity.

You can start this business in any of the two ways such as, getting car owners to register with you while pay them commission and look as if you own all the cars or use your own car or cars. You can do this rental services online especially booking and other related services.

15. Event planner services

One of the best businesses with low capital but you have to be an organised person and good planner. You will need different kind of vendors that you will work with so you can be a good event planner whereby you take the stress of the celebrant.

Some of the events you will offer child dedications, birthday parties and weddings.

You can make a lot of money and charge any amount, you can’t hold Lagosians back, there is always parties and events to attend even weekends. Lagosians like owambe and can spend any amount of money so you can make money from organising their parties     

16. Home and office cleaning service

Everybody knows that a huge number of people believe in having and maintaining clean environment especially our offices and homes where we spend most of our time on a daily basis.

On the contrary, we want our surrounding clean but we don’t have the time to do such services so we look for whom to contract it out.

This is where the need for external cleaners comes in handy even the once a month environmental sanitation people still find it difficult to engage in the exercise rather they use that one off day to rest, you call them lazy you will be in for a fight because they want to rest from the weeks hustling couple with the traffic.

It would be very difficult to say you don’t have the skill to do some cleaning and earn good money, you can start marketing the service to potential clients then see how busy that will keep you and if you are that good, you will be fired with referrals.

In addition to the above, you can earn another income from producing your own household cleaning products with the unforeseen synergy where your services can be of two options:

• The first option is cleaning with the client’s cleaning products then charge for your cleaning fees.

• Clean with your products and still charge your professional fees as well as your products.

You need to acquire the skill if you haven’t gotten one. Household cleaning products are crafts that makes the most money.

17. Dating services

This looks like small business ideas with low capital all you need to do is to matchmaker adults of two opposite sex whether for marriage of just for fun. In a nutshell, people want to mingle and tangle.

You need to be an expert in relationship to be able to give advice if you decide to expand your services in the long run.

It’s easier if you can do it online where interested candidates can pay for subscription. You need a brand name and internet connection to start this business then decide website it will be on a website or facebook or any other social media.

There is a lot that goes into this kind of services as well as high demand because you have to verify the interested parties and always reply any comment even filter messages.

18. Real estate agent

Surely you would agree that Lagos is populated, no doubt and people are in constant search of a place to carry out their business and live.

Therefore, the need for someone (agent) that can connect people to properties that are available for rent or purchase and in turn will pay commission for such service is very necessary.

The tangible cost here is phone calls to other agents, landlord and property viewing before taking your client to the location.

You don’t need to be an estate manager or obtained the degree to offer this service what you need is a good network of other real estate agents and properties owners whether rental or outright sale.

What a business idea with low capital in Nigeria without any setups cost.

19. Bakery

Another point is if you have interest or skills in baking such as bread, cakes and pies, you can make this a business and you don’t need to rent a shop just bake from your home and use social media to market.

You will surprise the kind of order that will flow to your page from anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.

Lagosians eat a lot of baked and fried products on the go because most of them can’t afford the time to see down for a meal that means a lot of money for you to cash in from bakery business.

You should be ready to send samples to interested parties for the hope of striking a deal make sure you don’t cut corners after you get the contract.

20. Ice block production and sale

Undoubtedly, Lagos is a big city yet no electricity supply.

Electricity is the problem most SME’s face in Nigeria some places in Lagos have rationing system 5 hours today no supply tomorrow then 5 hours the next day and it goes on with the same pattern while very few areas have up to 10 hours power supply.

Lagos weather is so hot that people need to have cold drinks thus; the need for using ice block to chill drinks comes in handy since that’s alternative to fridge. The need for ice block continues for occasions; remember Lagos and its party (owambe). The capital investment becomes very low if you are in an area that has constant light.

To operate this business, you need water, transparent waterproof, freezer and power supply or locally made ice block making machine depending on the income available.

21. Cab or Taxi services

Lagos will always continue to be in demand of cab services given the distance from one location to another and the Lagosians personalities that troop in on a daily basis.

This is a business with small capital but big income if you are a good driver with an existing car, you are conversant with Lagos motor routes and you are still wondering what lucrative business ideas to do in Lagos. You can engage in this taxi business as a full time or part time work.

Alternatively, you can register your car with Uber so you can operate the cab services under their app while they collect some commission from your fare.

I’ll focus on the Uber cab services because I use it due its convenience of picking customers up at their chosen location and security. I believe many people are like me, they don’t patronise conventional painted taxi unlike they used to.

Occasionally, interviewed some of the drivers, who were of the opinion that they have earned good money up to the extent of buying new cars which they still registered under uber platform.

You can still set up your own taxi services without using uber network, there is a huge market for you given the influx of people in Lagos on a daily basis then as the business start yielding return.

You can start adding more cars for expansion or register other car owners and collect commission.

22. Hair stylist

Lagos is a place that the people are fashionable. To make any hair do in Lagos is really expensive so if you can acquire the skill or already have the skill; you can start this business even as a mobile operator, just share your contacts or paste it at strategic locations like bus stop.

Residents of Lagos are fashion conscious, therefore, you can make a lot of money from this, you can set up a unisex salon if you have the money and depending on the level you want to operate that’s your customer target.

23. Maid/Errand services

These days many parents are so busy with their jobs especially now that a lot of parents engage in more than one streams of income so the need to employ a nanny becomes necessary, the nanny must be of age not children less than 18 years of age.

The parents will strategize on what errands or house chores that will be delegated to the nanny even some prefer an older nanny, whom will stay with the children after they return from school until them the parents are back home in the evening.

In addition to that, each individual parent has its own specification of needs as to the type of nanny needed. The nanny can be living in or Day job of 6am to 6pm daily or contracted on certain days of the week.

You can start this low income area business ideas in any of the 2 ways listed below:

• By doing it yourself.

• setting up an employment agency to recruit nannies (you need security documentation and identity confirmation of the nannies)

You can take up this assignment so as your client (the parents) can concentrate on important key areas and you will be paid per hourly or salary or by nature of the assignment.

24. Information marketing

Certainly, another business to start with low capital if you have any knowledge that can be shared or skills that you need to teach or train others even repackage other people’s information but be careful of copyright unfortunately, I’m not sure whether Lagos has effective copyright policy.

Internet is ruling the world right now so you will reach a greater audience online by packaging your content to sell online through E-book, audio content and video content rather than offline market, you can combine the two.

25. Content writer

You can actually start this business idea in Lagos with zero capital and make huge money.

Are you a creative writer, you can take it a step further by becoming a social media professional. Is a new area that hasn’t been tapped fully but you must be a creative writer for you to develop contents whether posts, ads and articles for any industry.

The need for this service is highly needed all over the world not only Lagos Nigeria so you can become a freelancer and register on fiverr to earn as low as $5. You can use your content to attract audience that will convert to customers for businesses.

Additionally, you must have skills like SEO and graphic designs even video making for your contents to rank high in Google.

26. Fitness Instructor or Gym business

I was shocked when I applied for 3 months subscription in a gym and needed a fitness instructor so as to show me the body workout techniques while guiding me to achieve my fitness target.

As a matter of fact, the fitness instructor within the gym charged me more than the gym subscription and was ready to reject me because he has a lot of clients to attend to as personal instructor.

You will agree with me that we all need fitness and gym where we can train with intensity so I have to pay because I have been doing some home exercises but needed to use some equipments.

As you can see, there is a lot of money to make from that. The fitness instructors always look well-built so their body does the marketing for them due to workout routines they do.

Gym business are not small businesses to start in Lagos as the machines are huge on capital but if you have interest in fitness related businesses including health then you have the money to start such business.

Why not start one because Lagos have a lot of hopeful beginners looking to get stronger to serious athletes determined to push themselves to the limits can use such equipment and strength training machines.

27. Email marketing business

Once a business has an online presence then email marketing is a way to advertise and collect your customers or potential customer’s data for marketing.

What’s more, everything E has come to stay likewise E-business so also email marketing and is expected to grow further from expert analysis.

You can offer this service to companies even SME’s while the companies concentrate on their key products or services. You can get referrals if you perform a good job by promoting the company’s products or services to existing customers and connecting new ones.

28. Employment agency

Nigeria in general is experiencing unemployment problem so imagine Lagos as populated city will have the high chunk of Nigeria’s unemployment rate.

This is a business opportunity that has low capital high return and can be done online while you charge commission.

Imagine providing companies with workers according to their specification while you will have unemployed applicant database which you gather and update on a daily basis.

At first, you have to advertise to companies and individuals that you provide such services.

You might decide whether you will offer employment agency service for graduates or skilled to unskilled jobs like nanny.

29. Soap production

This is a daily household product that is of high demand and it is easy to figure the reason out. There is no house or organisation that doesn’t use soap.

I see on the roadside some liquid soap filled in empty bottle water. You can add value to your by customising it so you can sell to superstores, hospitals, banks, hotels restaurants and others in high demand.

Moreover, you can seek for free training from government, churches and NGO as well as sourced for contract from Hotels, hospital, restaurants, event centre and other established institution whereby you supply in unbranded 25 litre container on a monthly basis

30. Tour guide

Lagos has a lot of visitors that troop in on a daily basis. You can become a tour guide and have an online presence for more awareness.

Is a business with low capital and may have a physical location at the airport as many tourist come in through the airport or other entry points in the city.

31. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is where you as the seller accept customer’s orders but don’t keep goods in store, customer pays for it then source for the goods, purchase it on behalf of the customer, the supplier or manufacturer delivers it to your customer’s address and you earn your commission.

Another business ideas in Nigeria with small capital and high earnings. Is one of the best new business ideas in Lagos that some smart people have earned good revenues.

The skills that you need in this business to become successful is to look for unique trending products and products that can solve existing problems.

You don’t need any capital investment, your basic laptop, phone, regular network connection and an online shop which is social media platforms that are popular in Nigeria such as Facebook, Instagram, Website and Twitter.

32. Blogging or Vlogging

Again, if you can write or can learn how to write professionally then you can start a blog, you set up your blog using wordpress and host it.

Lagos has good locations for taking pictures or videos for any niche and fashion is not left out. For this reason, blogging is a business you can start with low capital in Lagos

If you have to start a blog, all you need is a website and internet network. You can blog on anything or topic provided you have quality content that can drive traffic to your blog as well as monetise your blog through affilitate marketing, E-book and selling products.

On the other hand, if you are good at any topic or can create video contents while you can stir comfortable in front of a camera then starting a vlog is for you, you equally need a website or a youtube channel, good camera and monetisation is same as above with blogging.

In addition, you should create engaging videos with keyword that drive traffic and create follower that will subscribe to your channel and get notification on any of your new videos and click like button so your videos will be recommended by youtube to youtube audience.

33. Hamper business

Although, hampers are seasonal business that you cash in during celebration time then continue with your regular business. A lot of monies are made when you strategize the business and use social media.

During festive period in Nigeria, the hamper business is in the air, you can source for the products before the peak period when the prices are relatively cheap or normal so you can package them in form of hamper and sell to companies.

34. Okrika (second hand) or used cloth business

Meanwhile, this business will always make good proceeds in Nigeria where the cost of living is high and the price of new clothes are very high due to inflation.

And also, the population of people below average are very high so those class of people settle for Okrika clothes because they have to cloth themselves as well as their family.

Another point to is that some basic new clothes price are beyond minimum wage, so it will be hard for someone with minimum wage salary to walk into any cloth shop to purchase even one cloth so, that is another reason why you should start up this business if you are looking for small business ideas with low capital but high profits.

You can setup this business in any city in Nigeria, the demand is everywhere but Lagos is higher, you can source for the products with low investment in Aba and Lagos on a large scale.

35. Photo and Video producer

Needless to say that there are many companies, influencers, and potential Youtube celebrities who want to take their videos to the next level but don’t have the skills or equipment to produce high-quality videos.

The fact is that, if you have experience as a video producer, a solid portfolio, and the desire to help individuals and businesses create stunning videos, becoming a freelance producer is an excellent career move.

No doubt, you can also start a digital photography or video recording business. Also, visit event centres to take pictures of guests who would love to capture the moment.

In the long run, if you have enough money to invest, you can take it a notch higher and open a photography studio or lab.

36. Cosmetics production business

Oh! I forgot to tell you that because of skin cancer the need for organic cosmetic becomes necessary.

That is to say, if you want to venture into this new business idea with low investment then you need to obtain the skill as a formulator and you must like skin beauty and care so you can model with yourself for quick patronage.

If I’m not mistaken, it is so trendy that women even apply cosmetics on their children no matter the age, men are not left out, most people wants to enhance their beauty.

In short, the recipes for this are mainly substance so you must keep up with the up to date information out there and continuous training as well as research.

37. Agricultural businesses

In fact, any agricultural business is rewarding whether as a product or services and you must not be a farmer to start agriculture business.

There are many lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria that you can take up if you love agriculture. For example, you can venture into animal husbandry like fishing, snail, goat, piggery or eggs (read eggs distribution below) or crop businesses like rice and maize.

38. Travel agent

Lagos got the nation’s international airport and most countries embassy where visas are issued so most time people come into Lagos for sole reason of obtaining visas once they do they go back to their own cities.

Some embassies requires that the applicant must have hotel reservation of destination country and flight reservation so the need for a travel agent comes into play even with the visa assistance.

In any case, you can engage in providing the travels need as well as tour guide for tourist and get paid for it.

39. Plantain chips production and Sales

Generally speaking, plantain chips production is one business ideas with low capital investment.

People hawk it around the city of Lagos yet is still not enough due to its crunchy and delicious nature. You can produce unripe, ripe, unripe and spices ones even add some creativity to it to differentiate yourself in the market.

The capital to start this business in Lagos is very low because of the raw materials needed such as plantain (buy from wholesalers), salt, and oil are cheaply affordable.

For the above reason, you don’t need to rent any shop, you can start it in your apartment even use app to design your sticker for packaging as well as selling online.

40. Eggs Supply and Distribution

Great business idea with low capital in Nigeria, imagine doing this business in Lagos with its population and consumption level.

I met a Lady with Toyota car on two occasions supplying eggs to shops in the heart of Lagos, I got cut up with her energy so I decide to engage her briefly, she told me that she supplys more than 100 crates of eggs on a daily basis and makes average of N7, 000 daily by just using her car to carry eggs from poultry farm to stores or bakery shops in the morning or evening.

She said, she sorts the eggs in sizes and sell them at different prices even though she bought then without size classification. In fact, she strategically placed her contact for potential or new customers to call her for enquires and communicated to existing customers days of her supplies as well as time while she created what’s app group for this business.

You don’t need any capital to start this business if you have a bus or car and network of buyers within your area then money will flow in from your margin

41. Business agent

Is not only in Lagos one can engage in these business ideas for low capital but in other cities as a middleman.

It is clear that Lagos is the centre of business hub; a lot of businesses going on and people are constantly searching for one thing or the other.

For this purpose, you can be the one to connect buyers to the sellers or source scarce products for the buyer and charge commission from both the seller and the buyer.

Moreover, the seller can be importer and the buyer can be someone sourcing for products to export.

42. Tomato farming business

Ordinarily, Nigerians eat lots of tomatoes and Lagosians are not excluded. Tomatoes continue to be in high demand and anything farming is high productivity because of its multiplying factor.

You can start tomato farming if your land is suitable for it and acquire the skill from someone that is into the business and doing exceptionally well, so you can get all the vital information to be successful from the right hybrid seedling to processes to harvesting and market.

43. Cosmetic sales

Everyone in Lagos wants to look good except you and same you don’t want to be left out but there is this class of people that wants to have fair skin.

I personally believe, we are in the era that the society believes if you are not fair in complexion that means you are not fine while both male and female who are not naturally light skinned use cosmetics to bring out the fairness.

With this in mind, you can see that sale of cosmetic business in Lagos is a thriving one especially if you prescribe what really wants for them then referral will be knocking by your door meaning more money spinning.

44. Car wash

Is surprisingly that people no longer have the time to clean or wash their cars in their homes rather prefer to send in their cars to car wash.

Nowadays, virtually everything is been outsourced due to limited time available.

The need for car wash services becomes very important and it not cheap depending on what you offer, you can offer in and out washing, the engine washing.

Also, there are other side attraction services that you can offer such as football viewing centre, drinking bar and pastry or snacks shop because people have to submit their car for washing.

In other words, if they are waiting for the car to be washed they have no option than relaxing at the side attraction centre by so doing they will patronize the centre and you make additional income.

You need little investment for high return in no distance time. You need an accessible area that is clean so customers can bring in their cars and leave your premises clean not with a muddy tyres, automatic washer, and water supply.

Additionally, this type of business can be done as a mobile auto car wash form where you wash the car at the customer’s location such as garage, parking lots.

When you start as a mobile car wash, it has given you huge advantage like free marketing ads and greater audience; eliminate the cost of owning a business premises and access to right quantity of water while it comes with some demerits like moving the car washer machine, other equipments and weather.

Surely, you can’t wash when is raining or bad weather causing declining in revenue.

45. Credit card business

And also, one can easily buy credit units directly from bank account without looking for vendor showing that banks are having a fair share of the market share meaning that the market size is huge.

This is another business one can start but for you to make good living from it your turnover must be high that means is a business of volume. If you have high network of people and populated location then you can start this business and make good money from it like banks

I’m not a fan of this business idea the low returns is usually at 3% after high investment of 97% whereas sachet or pure water business has 50% incomes. You can equally do it online or through some networking platform.

46. Small chops production

If you are looking at entering a low investment trade in Lagos then look into this business, you have to be creative with your display and everything about the business.

There is no occasion in Lagos that doesn’t come with small chop. The guest always expects the small chops as a light meal before the main meal.

You can incorporate other snacks to your small chops business so that you can service a bigger niche like weddings, get-together, burials and other parties.

47. Start a pet training service

The lifestyle of Lagosians has made some people to start keeping pets in their homes and that comes with heavy responsibilities of training and taking care of them.

For instance, if you keep dog(s), you must have time for dog walking, training and so on. The need for pet training services will be needed since the people in such class haven’t got time to do so; they will need to contract it out that’s why pet training service is one of the small businesses to start in Lagos.

48. Online betting sports

Many people engage in this type of online betting in Nigeria. I was thinking that is for young people until I saw grandmothers playing as well.

In the streets of Lagos, you will see the shops filled up with people yet is not enough for the players.

It’s actually popular in the country because the way Nigerians embrace football sports so people use the opportunity to make money from the game they love to watch.

You will need some capital here but relatively not too big so you can start this business, the capital will cover the cost of office space that is accessible, laptops, standby gen set, computer and agency agreement while you will make good money in a short period.

49. Makeup artist

Again, Lagos is a place that the people are fashionable and not only are they fashionable but are makeup conscious.

At every occasion, the celebrant and their crew want to look their best so as to share the pictures on social media.

This service is not cheap as it’s needed for every occasion whether wedding, church and birthdays.

I’m sure you can become a professional makeup artist by learning the skill with small resources then you can use social media to showcase to the world, you can do free sessions for potential clients.

I had several encounter with makeup artist, on one occasion I was charged N15, 000 because is wedding and on another occasion that I was co-hosting an event during Christmas season it was higher.

In short, the fee depends on what function the client will be attending. However, the makeup artist had 3 bookings after my session so you can imagine how much daily take home the makeup artist will be generating during festive period and more, if you are more creative.

50. Fashion designer/Tailor

In the past, people who are tailors are people who can’t assimilate in class so parents do send them to learn sewing but these days well educated people even professionals with creative minds and good with numbers do the business.                                                                                                           Another creative business that you can start with low investment. Fashion in Nigeria is growing on a daily basis.

Some people are creative and developed this skill from their mother while some due to lack of employment, venture into it but you need to acquire the skill no matter the route you follow.

Meanwhile, there are different aspects of fashion design that you can go into such as kids clothing, accessories, male and/or female.

After all the business does not have an industry fee; the fee depends on you showing that you can charge anything, provided you know what you are doing.

51. Graphic design services

Do you know that every single company needs graphic designer whether full time or freelancer to brand their business while attracting audience that will convert to customers.

Most brands wants their content to be out there whether offline or online but preferably the online space, hence, the need for a graphic designer becomes necessary. You need to have the skill or acquire the skill with little money then keep updating your design skills.

As a graphic designer, you will be good with some graphic apps like desygner, photoshop, canva, adobe spark, snappa and coral draw.

These days is very easy to showcase ones talent through the social media then customers that needs your service for their brand can reach you.

For instance, you can design using laptop or android phone such as brand Logo, banner, display ads, poster, brochures, flyers and even any social media graphics.

52. Digital marketing agent

This service is in high demand as many companies even startups wants to be seen in the online space.

Therefore, you can learn how to be a digital marketing agent if you are interested but doesn’t possess the skills then with time you can access some technical updates courses because you need to become professional in what you do as well as changes in the field.

In short, digital marketing agent as the word digital is an online marketer. You need skills to be able market in the digital world not offline space like the traditional method.

Although, if you have marketing skill is easy to migrate to online digital market because is the same functions like flyers and banner just like conventional marketing agents do.

53. Rental services

It wouldn’t be very difficult to say that Nigerians are known for outdoor parties and entertainment.

For some people is a one-off activity so they don’t need to acquire decoration accessories or chairs/tables for their parties so the need for renting some of them like chairs, plates, canopies, cartoon characters, cutleries, cooking utensils and serving plates becomes very important.

You can start with most popular ones that are in high demand then as you progress, you can continue to add other ones that people are requesting for.

Surely, you can start rental services so you can rent things that people constantly need not only for parties but for personal use.

In short, you need to advertise with your location to start getting patronage and referrals. It yields good income even though this business is not a full time one.

54. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you can sign up with affiliate programs and use your affiliate links to promote companies or individual products through social media or website; you can achieve it if you drive online visitors to your platforms.

As an affiliate marketer, you market products affiliate partners services while you earn commission for selling it on your platform.

Is a business that has low income, easy to start but high valuable time in other to become an influencer.

As a rule, don’t promote products that you are not sure of or have not tested, I always advice to review the products yourself to avoid collecting small commission in the short term that will damage your reputation in the long run.

As can be observed in Nigeria, you can sign up for the big affiliate partners like Konga, Jiji and Jumia on their website then link the actual product or services to your own page that means you are just advertising their products or services on your page.

55. Online courses

If you have a creative skill or expert in any disciple you can create online course, where you can be offering your expert knowledge to people that wants to learn and making money as well as widening your knowledge from teaching.

It can be on anything bordering from food, sewing, agriculture and any craft. Is almost like vlog so you need same accessories like youtube channel, website, a good camera or use your smart phone.


On the whole, if you are to start any of the amazing business ideas with low investment featured in this post. Most small business rely on using their network and social media to grow their business, so it is vital that you put effort into this area.

Have any business ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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