Hey! There are two more people reading this article and trusting that successful entrepreneurs are not made but born. This is not true but far from the truth. Here is the truth; anyone including you can acquire the knowledge and skills to transform any of these business ideas into a successful business within a short time.

Demonstrating that this is a well-researched and practical experience on insane profitable business ideas with low investment; everybody knows that, some of which I have started and one of it is this and that’s why you landed here. Enjoy the ride!!!

As entrepreneurs that we are, we are no longer living in 2020 given the economic effect of Covid 19; we now looking ahead on what we can make out of 2021. We are looking at current and upcoming trends while developing creative skills to secure competitive advantage in our choice of business.

The real truth is that you are thinking of business ideas to start your own business in 2021 with low capital. You can think no more!

This article was written for anyone ready to be his or her own boss in 2021 with the best low capital business ideas and will develop the entrepreneurial mind set to evaluate your business.

You are in the right place as you are considering starting a new business short on ideas with low capital and high profits.

For all those reasons stated above, this article was developed with a detailed research that is full of great contents including hottest guides manual of over 50 business ideas to start with small capital.

We have listed more than 62 insane (but true) business ideas to start in 2021 with low investment yet profitable for you to start today even increasing your confidence level:

1. Online tutor business ideas

There is demand for teachers all over the world, if you don’t want to immigrate to any city or country there is no problem, offer your expertise online.

Are you a teacher with passion to teach then this business is for you. You can offer online tutor business ideas such as private tutorship for pupils, help students pick their careers, freelance writer and creating lesson plans while offering it to other teachers online for a fee.

You create software tool that will help easily creates content for them with a bit of human touch or use zoom platform inform of online meetings, don’t forget what and how to dress for online meetings. Is a great business ideas with low capital opportunities in 2021 for teachers to operate an online retail store and interactive session.

2. Waste collection business idea

It wouldn’t be very difficult to say that, the world is highly polluted due to human activities yet is increasing as the population grows and the disposal becomes a challenging.

The need for waste removal or disposal service becomes very vital for a clean free environment. As you can see that the need for waste collection business is very important in our society today.

In other words, you can recycle the waste that is from waste to wealth or collect the waste and sell to bigger companies that have the capacity to transform the waste.

You can also employ people to go around collecting the particular waste that you want to work with or want to sell for recycling.

Certainly, you can see that is a business idea for low capital while you need a place for collection point.

3. E-commerce distribution or mini importation business

The fact is that E-commerce industry is actually growing with Amazon company having the large market share whereas other small companies include services like distribution, shipping, storing of products in order to compete and get a fair market share.

The USA is the country that depends majorly on E-commerce business since inception. Nowadays people are comfortable buying their stuffs online especially the youths including foods. It’s no longer walking into traditional shop and this trend has continued to be on the rise. China is leading in retail and distribution business while eliminating the traditional way of walking into the store to purchase goods.

E-commerce is increasing in number and making it attractive as a business to start in 2021 with little capital. Smaller distributors that can manage online sales are gradually earning interest from the customers yet you don’t need a lot of capital; is one of the best low capital business ideas.

It is projected that in the long run the business will triple in size all over the world given the insight of Covid -19.

On the other hand, it’s important for you that is thinking or planning of what business can I do with low capital to take advantage of your international trade knowledge or acquire any for distribution of goods abroad or exportation.

4. Anti-aging spa or clinic business

Now, let’s shift to the other side of life that nobody wants to age or age quickly.

For one thing, nobody wants to look older but younger so anti-aging treatment is not for younger consumers. Therefore, there is a market for you; if you can offer people what to use or do to look youthful then you are sure in business.

When people wants simple hottest guides to youthful glowing flawless skin then Anti-aging clinic becomes a business ideas with low capital in Nigeria with high demand given the aging population that still wants to slay.

I dare to say, just consider choosing an area where you target customers are, offer services like your own products, different types of body massage, facials, body scrubs and other services.

5. Laundry business

Many people prefer using laundry services than washing their own clothes especially for clothes that are delicate or requires extra care.

You can start your own laundry business at home to cut off the cost of renting a shop; this is one of the business to start with little capital because you are running this business at home you can offer additional services such as collection or delivery of washed clothes at a fee or without fees .

You can start with pressing iron, make your own detergent to reduce overhead cost and still maintain high quality.

6. Accounting and financial planner services

Accountants have unlimited opportunities because any business whether startups, SMEs needs the service of an accountant so you can become a freelance accountant even though, you are not a trained accountant but have interest in accounting you can offer bookkeeping services from basic training.

There is an increasing demand for accountants to organize clients’ books, assess their assets and make recommendation. The service of an accountant will be widely needed in the near future giving the growing nature of commerce business.

Financial planner is one of the skills of an accountant. In today’s world more people are getting rich and need a financial planner to advise them on where to invest their resource to avoid bankruptcy and increase their investment.

7. Retail and distribution business

Additionally, E-commerce will continue to increase, no doubt about it but people still continue to patronise retail outlets. You can create small business ideas with low capital within your location.

The ideal supermarket business is retailing home consumption products which you can create an app or social media accounts where you can still sell or advertise your products for increase revenue, even customers can order for their products.

In short, if you view supermarket as high capital then venture into provision shop, the provision shop can sell any stock provided that the customers wants it whether edible or non-edible.

8. Jewelry and bead Making

Yes, jewelry and bead making are profitable business with small capital. You can equally make bead jewelry at home with simple tools and your design technique once you have the creative skill.

This is one of the crafts that makes the most money and you can start your own jewelry making business.

Again, you can create an online presence where you can teach for a fee and sell your products.

9. Phone repairs and sale of mobile phone accessories

In fact, this gadget called phone looks complicated that people are always scared of opening it when there is any error signal, if you have interest and wants small business to start then repair of mobile phone will be a perfect business for you.

You can also sell mobile phone accessories like battery, earphones, pouches, SD cards, chargers, bluetooth, USB cords and other accessories.

Well, repairing phones and selling of phone accessories will be a deal for you; you can acquire the skills from an experienced phone repairer.

Moreover, you don’t need huge income to open a phone repair shop and the demand is very high.

Imagine what your daily income will look like because an average person has a phone due to high demand is a business to start in 2021 and make great revenue.

10. Food business

Whether is street or mobile food or mini restaurant type of business the business have high demand as people are always on the go and patronise road side food vendors.

  • Street food is another best business with low capital that you can start in 2021 provided that you have unique quality food products and fast services.

Human being need food to survive so food vendors sells food that the masses survive on due to its affordable prices because of low cost of capital and rent.

With this in mind, you can start street food business as a low capital business 2021; you can sell seasonal foods like roasted corn, peanuts or peoples demand and other unique foods.

  • Mobile food business is always a business with small capital but big income and it has a multiplier effect such that one medium sizeable cup of rice can serve as 4 plates to 4 individuals.

Mobile food vendor is low income business idea, you don’t need to rent shop and other expenses associated with shop but serve food as take away or take out at a particular stand location.

In other words, you will need a means of transporting the food to that particular location from the location where the food was prepared probably your house and equally offer additional service of delivering to some customers while charging delivery charge.

  • Mini restaurants is a lucrative business with small capital, it can be operated in an open space or kiosk or any temporary structure. It is very profitable so you can move to a better structure of your choice when the revenue starts flowing in.

11. Car Wash Business

Have you imagined the number of cars that are on the road on a daily basis in any city. Moreover, most people want their vehicles to look clean in and out whereas they don’t have the time to do so; they concentrate on their primary assignment.

As you can see, it’s obvious that car wash business is a lucrative business idea in 2021 and one of the best business ideas to make money with low income.

You need a spacious location that have access to water supply and incorporate side attractions such as cold drinks and snacks or bar joint for customers to entertain themselves while waiting for their cars to be washed.

Also, is any easy business to start and make good money with less capital. In future, you can expand by selling car accessories such as engine oil, parts, repairing and servicing.

Car wash service is a very profitable small scale business idea that can be extended to other mobile engines not only on cars but that of tricycle and motorcycle; apart from buses and mini trucks that will not fit in a residential area.

12. Sell of Airtime voucher or recharge cards

Certainly a business ideas with low capital investment but needs volume for you to make high income coupled with, customers can conveniently purchase the units from their bank apps.

Although, the profit margin on any single voucher is too low but is better than not having any business that generate income for you.

You need to advertise to all your network for them to patronise you, the key here is buying in bulk and selling in volume.

13. Dropshipping business

Generally speaking, dropshipping business has been in existence before now but started gaining popularity in recent times. It’s a profitable business with small capital that had made lots of people millionaires within a short space of time.

You can start this business; the good news is that you won’t have an office space or store to stock up your goods likewise selling your products as the manufacturer or supplier ships the products on your behalf to your customers using your specified information.

You will create a website that can serve as an online store or social media account such as Facebook, shopify, amazon where you can sell your products.

14. Wine business

Wine industry growth rate suggests that wine is indeed profitable and the increase in the wine lovers confirms that. Wine knowledge is very important here just like any other businesses out there.

Whether wine is low investment high income business depends on the aspect of wine business you intend to venture into but here are some wine business ideas or related business ideas that you can start in 2021 such as wine shop, wine consultant, wine maker, wine bottle recycling, wine importer or exporter.

For any of these wine business ideas mentioned above you can still advertise or sell your business using the any online media.

You can produce your own wine by signing an agreement with a wine producing company in countries like Italy, France, Spain, USA, South Africa to produce using your brand registered trademark or name.

15. DJ-Disc jockey service

Presently, most events no matter the size comes with music and required guests to dance to the music, therefore the need for the service of a DJ will be in need and such service will be paid for.

The need for a DJ is like 365days this is to say that, events are on a daily basis so if you are nursing the passion or the skill you can start this business with low capital especially if you are performing in any established areas like hotel or bar that has equipments so you don’t need to buy any.

Every event these days need some kind of music, as such DJs are in hot demand. You can test the waters by doing small events hosted by family members or close friends before attaching the DJ title to your name and going professional.

16. Sales and installation of solar system

Most homes and office are welcoming the alternative use of solar system due to irregular or high electricity tariff and continuous increase in fuel prices.

With this in mind, sales and installation of solar system is business ideas with small capital that are lucrative to start in 2021.

This business is pretty new to some part of the world, is a technical project so if you are interested you must learn the skills to be successful in this field and other aspiring apprentice can learn from you while they pay for the knowledge.

17. Small business cyber security software

Cyber security software for small business is a business with low capital start-ups that can be provided for entrepreneurs. These days many small businesses have online presence even running an E-commerce.

For you to operate in this field, you must have the technology skill or ready to acquire one. You can now create software security that can protect small businesses online depending on the nature of their business because some are high risk while others are not.

To guarantee security for customers to continue patronising, business owners will have to keep their account free from attacks and secured for their online business. There is no customer that will be comfortable or be in a cobweb where there is no protection.

18. Agriculture business

Agriculture and food business are very important for man existence even to any nation. Imagine during Covid -19 people were out and about looking for what to eat to survive.

Agriculture is very lucrative business all over the world. However, there are various ways you can start agriculture business;

  • As a farmer if you have the land.
  • Rent land for a longer lease or
  • Add value to the produce.   

Agriculture business is one of the small businesses to start in 2021 and progress rapidly within a short period of time because agriculture business has a multiplier effect. As an example, a seed of pepper can produce a medium size basket filled with pepper.

19. Fishing business ideas

There are more fish lovers than any other source of protein due to healthy living. Furthermore, the demand for fish is on the rise and will continue like that in the near future while it positions any fishing business ideas as business with low capital and high profit to start in 2021.

There is a lot of fishing business opportunities that you can start such as fresh fish shop, fish shop, fish farming, fishing tools/accessories, fishing feed and they are all profitable but bear in mind that fishing business is a dynamic one with constant innovation.

20. Akara or Bean Cakes business

What’s more, akara as is popularly known by many, are equally enjoyed by many. If you know the skill or prepared to learn the skill on how to make it then you are sure people will be emptying their pocket for you on a daily basis.

It seems to me that akara business idea is one of the best business with low capital, you practically don’t need much to start, you can start with what you have at home.

In addition, get a nice free location with your initial raw materials such as beans specially for akara, vegetable oil, pepper, salt and any other added side attractions like pap, yam, plantain, fish thus you are on your way to making full time income on a daily basis.

21. Sales and Installation of Security Gadgets

People are security conscious these days due to harmful individual or group so any gadget that will match the level of security that is needed will be providing people with their needs and in return bag a huge profit.

Security business is a lucrative business idea to start in 2021. You can start sales and installation of some security gadgets such as security alarms, car trackers and drone powered security.

Nowadays people use drone powered system for so many uses such as surveillance for larger areas like events and farms.

This business is a lucrative one; as usual some entrepreneurs are already in the market selling security gadgets like silent alarms, home security systems, CCTVs, car trackers and alarms.

22. E-payments/POS business

The queues at the ATM machines are sometime endless with some interrupted issues like no money in the machine so the need for customers to patronise the POS vendors becomes very necessary.

Most times you have to travel to get to the nearby ATM machine near your location but with the POS agent they are within your locality.

You can start POS services to provide basic banking services like deposit, transfer or withdrawal and charge up to 500 per transaction depending on the amount so the more transaction and the higher your profit. For this purpose is a game of number.

23. Bulk SMS Service

There are various platforms out there such as bulksms.net.org and padisoft.org that you can use for individuals and corporate bulk text message.

In any case, you send customised messages to large targeted phone numbers as a text message through the internet.

24. Online dating services

You can use this system to match people who have the goal of developing personal or romantic or sexual relationships.

Additionally, you can make money as you match make them, offer several services like vetting members to reduce the love scam and offer relationship training.

25. Production and sale of household products

There is no home or organisation that doesn’t use household products. You can acquire the skill of producing quality affordable household products.

On the other hand, you can sell cheaper that the popular brands without branding yours to cut off the cost, just advertise to big organisations like churches, hotels and bars for big Monthly contracts were you can sell in can of 25 Litres.

26. Makeup business

Everybody including male and female wants to look their best and it’s the work of makeup artist through cosmetics to achieve whatever looks they so desire.

Makeup business ideas are so broad that you can make a choice on the aspect of makeup business that you want to venture into such as selling of makeup products or makeup artist or producing a makeup brand.

27. Comedy

Some people are born entertainers with the era of Android phones you can send your contents across all social media platform. It is on these platforms that interested persons will contact for you such platforms are Youtube and Instagram.

In short, you can start your own youtube comedy channel with great content and let money spin for you. The thing you need is your smartphone to start filming and free editing app. In all probability is a business ideas for low capital.

28. Delivery Services

Surely you would agree that Ecommerce have given room for newer businesses.

Nigeria is not left out in Ecommerce business which has given birth to increase in the need for delivery service such as door to door service.

Many online visitors shop online and there is need for the products to be picked up and delivered to them.

This shows that many SMEs that sell their products online will need delivery service company to deliver the goods safely and on time to the customers.

For instance, online shopper buy things online and fill in their address for the goods to be delivered to their respective address hence, the online shop doesn’t have the capacity to deliver to various addresses as at when needed , therefore, creating the need for logistics company whose delivery services are their core job to take up the work.

It is clear that the delivery business is booming right now given the demand as a result of ecommerce. For this reason is one of the business you can start with low capital for the despatch ride and branding.

For all of those reasons, you can start up a despatch ride services as a small business idea in 2021 to solve this problem while charging fees for your services. You can register other bike owner for this business while you collect your commissions or buy your own bike and grow organically.

29. Bakery business

Bakery business is a lucrative business anywhere in the world. People use bread for breakfast then pastries for snacks or in-between meals and dessert.

Bakery is a business that your profit margin is limitless given the demand, if you have to start a bakery business in populated area like Lagos-Nigeria where bread and cake consumption is on the high side as people consume bread at any time.

As a consequence of complimenting other meals with bread such as akara and bread, beans porridge and bread, noodles and bread, suya meat or fish with bread and pap with bread.

Bakery business is one of the small business ideas to start with low capital but bear in mind of registering it with food and drug agency as well as other agencies so as to follow the industry standard.

30. Consultancy business

To be in consultancy business, you must be an expert in a particular field for you to be able to offer professional advice for those seeking one whether individual or organisation.

For all I know, you can earn any revenue from this service as consultant as well as charge any amount.

In this situation, be ready for constant update on changes in laws. You can start offering your services in exchange for some money while solving problems or giving values

31. Home Tutoring business

If you have the skills to impact knowledge on any core subjects like English and Mathematics then home tutoring business is for you. Is a low capital business to start in 2021 and make high returns.

Many parents are not comfortable with what the children learn in school then want additional upgrade when they children return from school or over the weekend.

With the issue raised above, parents require a home tutor whom will be visiting their homes to teach their children in order to be up to date with their counterparts in other schools in different cities even around the globe without their children being left out.

32. Skincare business

We can safely assume that beauty is a saturated market just like fashion but you need to focus on developing exceptional products so your skincare products can sell because people are interested in their body outlook.

Skincare business is a business idea to start with little capital in your home while using your online network to sell the products.

There are plenty of business opportunities in the cosmetic industry; US generate billions in cosmetic revenue showing that you can start making money shortly from skincare business even right from your home.

If you have interest or passion in skincare business, you can turn your passion into a successful business by choosing your niche market such organic skincare or normal skincare or specialised skincare products.

Many people are interested in keeping skin glowing and youthful or even fairer, there is this trending tag for using organic products for your skin while keeping it natural that is to say using organic products on your skin.

Skincare business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business. Now, to start this business idea in 2021, you will need to acquire the skill from someone that is already successful in your niche that is an experienced formulator.

Moreover, you can make or combine any kind of skincare products ranging from normal skincare or organic to any level

33. Fashion mini Boutique

Fashion is always a lucrative business because clothing is essential commodity and people must cloth themselves which doesn’t end there; these days people are following fashion trend to cloth not that they don’t have clothes to wear but needs to be trendy.

Following this added more spice to clothing business making it a viable business opportunity to start in 2021.

However, you can start a boutique business that follows the trend and at the same time affordable.

34. Blogging

Blogging is popular now that is writing, photography and other self-published online media. If you are good at keeping up or writing diary styles entries then you can start blogging as a low capital start up business because you blog with your phone and internet connection on word press. You can blog on any niche or topic provided you apply the SEO and Keywords.

35. Elderly care services

The need for elderly care has always been there but is complex and demanding now due to their children that are to look after them are fully engaged with their daily schedules.

The business is of high demand but you need to have an edge over competitors either in price or services.

In other words, since is a high demand business idea, elderly health care business ideas is a low income business ideas to start in 2021.

In most western countries, care facilities for older adults are in their residential family care homes unlike Nigeria.

If you have the capacity to run an elderly health care business but you haven’t gotten the skill you can get skilled workers from homecare agency across the country to perform the service.

36. Catering services

There are chances that you can coordinate from preparation up to presentation of food to clients, and then you can venture into being a caterer.

The major skills that you need as a caterer are good communication skill, cooking ability and interpersonal relationship skills as well as detailed attention.

The two types of catering services are on-premise and off-premise then create a niche on the catering services to follow. Catering business is a business that you can start from home with no money especially if you are venturing into small catering business.

37. Gaming Centre business ideas in 2021

Opening a gaming centre can fetch you lots of money in 2021 as many people are looking for such places.

Here are some of the gaming centre business ideas to start with low capital such as open video game centre even open an online video centre, video games rental services, video game reality show, sell video games, start video game production company, start standard betting system for gamers or train people on how they can play video games.

The opportunities for income are huge, since the ideas to open a gaming centre that is relaxing fun environment where people can come to have fun playing the game of their choice.

38. Barbing Salon

As you may have noticed barbing salon isn’t only for male folks whereas women folks do visit barber’s shop.

Barbing salon is a lucrative business to start in 2021 and become successful in Nigeria, all you need to do is to find a lucrative location, rent and furnish the salon while benchmarking on the existing price within that location.

You need to know various trending style while you at your best, you should apply your unique skill, you need to apply excellent customer service for you to retain your customers and attract new ones for your revenue to grow yearly.

39. Fashion Design business

Fashion design business is broad so you can choose your niche among a host of them all but highly competitive so you need to be creative. If you have a combination of drawing, sewing and design skills then you can become a fashion designer or you are ready to learn the skills.

Fashion design is exciting and rewarding provided your give your customer base what they want. Fashion design is a type of business to start with low capital in 2021 given that many people are fashion conscious and there is always occasions to attend.

You can create a niche you’re familiar with and target your market. For example, you can create designs that specifically cater for bride and bridal clients while posting and updating it on your website. A strong skill is essential to start this type of business.

40. Yoga studio business

There have been a lot of changes happening in health and fitness world. Nigerian are fast embracing yoga due to it’s an ancient art and natural way of remaining fit and healthy as well as improving mental and physical health.

And also, it’s a startup ideas that you can start as online business and the income from yoga business is amazing.

For instance, if you want to start yoga studio in 2021, you need to get certification, business plan, pick a type of yoga, perfect location and build a customer base.

41. Frozen food business

Frozen food is a profitable business in Nigeria and it’s a low capital investment ideas.

Here are some levels of risk that you have to consider before starting frozen food business.

You need constant electricity to preserve your raw supplies, proper stacking, and FIFO (first in first out) system for you to maintain product freshness without incurring spoilage which will reduce your revenue.

42. Digital health startsup ideas

Digital health startsup ideas

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, the arrival and growth of digital technology in Nigeria has given room for digital medical starts up business.

For example, if you take the average number of pregnant women in a year that needs adequate health care and match it to available hospital, you will see the gaps as well as the business opportunities making it impossible for some women to access medical care while pregnant.

If you establish a virtual medical company you have brought convenience to the doorstep and increase revenue in health care.

To achieve this, you need to possess computer programming skills and create an app that customers can use online to collect prescription medicines as well as other healthcare products/services to customers

43. Football Viewing Centre

The football lovers prefer to watch football on a larger screen with other football fans.

This is a business idea to start with small capital for anyone with entrepreneurial mind.

It is money-spinning one that needs lots of strategic planning such as charging entry fees for any seasonal football, selling drinks and side African cuisine for its own fees just like mini bar.

44. Wallpaper sales and installation business

Nigerians love interior decoration whether at home or offices; here, wallpaper is the interior decoration we are concentrating on.

Sometimes you see people use it at their reception area or a catchy area of their home if they cannot afford the whole house.

Wallpaper sales and installation became popular among Nigerians that can afford it because they can choose their designs ranging from different designs, colours and patterns.

You can retail and install wallpaper then as you grow in business you can choose to become a distributor or brand you your own wallpaper for a higher margin from China. Is a business idea to start in 2021, no doubt with high proceeds.

45. Online staffing agency

Several industries face a lot of challenges in recruiting skilled staffs and based on this problem they are looking outwards in outsourcing their recruitment.

Moving away from the traditional employment agency but a model that makes applicants available for jobs, provided by business managers with job or project work demand.

You could create an online agency that hires skilled workers and match them with the employers; this is a maturing HR role so if you are a trained HR consultant you can comfortable do this business idea in 2021 by engaging with employers and applicants while listening to their concern.

46. Music teaching business

Similarly to online tutor business, you can start a music teaching business from your home but in today’s modern world, teaching music online should be considered as an option to starting music teaching business.

These days every profession is important none is more important than others.

For instance, parents are encouraging their children to learn music seeing the income musicians make unlike previous days when parents wants their children to become doctors, lawyers and accountants etc.

Therefore, you can follow this checklist, if you want to turn music teaching as business to start in 2021:

  • Passionate love for music
  • Create a business plan
  • Start networking
  • Develop marketing plan to follow
  • Be inspired and focused

47. Child care services

In fact, the primary applicant that needs the child care or day care services are parents, the child care services depends on the age of the child.

For example, parents with an infant up to 5 years needs full time child care services while the ones with children over 5 years needs after school care because at that age the child should be attending primary school so no need of full care that will be done at school while the child is there.

It is a well-paid business idea you can start from home in 2021 for you if you have passion to care or teach children then consider the population of children with working class parents and single parents they are your target market that you need to network.

Additionally, parents are looking for places to drop off their children during working hours and weekends so many business opportunities that you can run in child care business ideas which are lucrative business to start in 2021 such as education, fun crafts, fitness and childcare in this industry.

48. Cyber café or Internet café business

Is amazing that people do ask whether cyber café do exist, there services has expanded and changed to include services like POS, playing games and online registration.

Cyber café is an internet café that provides the public with internet access; therefore, you need computer and internet access with power supply to start this small business idea.

49. Home improvement business

Home improvement is not the American TV series but renovating homes.

There are home improvement ideas 2021 to add value. For instance, renew old flooring with paint, top up rooms with paint or wallpaper installation, add crown moulding and new kitchen cabinet.

If you have an eye on interior decoration or changing home appearance then this business opportunity is for you.

More people do a yearly home improvement ranging from painting to putting beautiful light accessories can energize and brighten a space irrespective of economic downturn.

You will only need your tools and creative skills to get this business started. And also, you need to provide answers via solution to the few questions raised by potential customers such as how can I improve my home, what are the best home improvements to make, how would you modernize your home in 2021.

50. House cleaning services business

If you choose this business idea then get the skills, register the business even learn how to make household cleaning products for you to increase your profit margin unless you are looking to start a cleaning business with no money.

You need to have home or office cleaning equipments for standard cleaning like sweeping, sinks, mirrors, appliances emptying trash, making bed, furnitures and floors that why is good to learn how to make household cleaning products because it forms major part of your cleaning equipments.

If you have staff for this business, you must educate them and get them to legally commit to be trustworthy, no stealing of such from clients or collecting gifts to avoid bad reputation for your business which can cause going concern problem.

In the near future after starting a cleaning service business, you can add various cleaning services such as factories, open shelter event centres, hotels, pools while getting your presence online.

51. Video content creator or youtuber

We can’t write article about lucrative business ideas to start in 2021 without talking about Youtube.

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged in users and everyday people watch over a billion hours of video. You can create youtube videos, business tips, youtube movies, relationship guidance, youtube music, comedy and not limited to any kind of content.

Once your content are engaging, people will subscribe to your channel and it’s a very productive online business that is profitable businesses in 2021.

Most Youtubers make money on adverts from businesses and you can develop your own products and sell to your fan base so it is very important to have royal fans.

52. Marriage counselling

As divorce cases are increasing high on a global level, Nigeria is not excluded.

Another profitable money-spinning business idea to start in 2021 is marriage counselling and you must have experience to be able to offer professional advice.

If you’re planning to start a marriage or family counselling business as a private practitioner and you don’t have any counselling background training, all you need to do is to consider undergoing training school to get qualified for the task ahead.

Many couples need services of a marriage counsellor to save their marriage from crashing or leading to divorce. The success rate of marriage counselling is at 70 to 80% that means that as a marriage counsellor, you must always try to resolve marriage conflicts while improving their relationship

53. Digital or multimedia artist and Animation

Digital arts are everywhere on the Internet. Digital artist and animators use software, photography, models and drawings to create still and moving images.

If you are an artist or have interest in learning creative end of computer generated animation for advertising and educational then this business opportunity is for you.

Multimedia artist earn decent salary in a year from services such as drawings, comic books, animations and cartoons.

You can even put yourself up for international jobs on platforms like fiverr where community of digital services such as digital artist, animators, content writers, multimedia artist are listed and contracted.

54. Interior decoration

Interior decoration is a business you can start in 2021 with little capital investment.

You will need to create self-marketing network for this business such as social media, post regularly to a blog and the charge can be as high as possible provided you are offering value as well as creativity.

You can do work of interior designer without any formal credentials so don’t be scared but be creative.

Interior decoration is a lucrative career and you can have an online interior décor shop like carpets, flowers, frames, rugs, paintings, beddings and etc.

55. Shoe manfacturing

Many people are patronising made in Nigeria shoes unlike before and shoe making business is profitable as well as lucrative but you need to brand your business.

People always think and ask of equipments needed to make shoes because they think you need a whole lots of heavy weight equipments to make shoes, you need clicker cutting machines or presser as a standard piece.

Nowadays, people are getting trained to become shoe makers even graduates and it is one of the profitable businesses with small capital in Nigeria.

56. Internal transport system business

The population of people that uses public transport system in the world are more than the ones that uses private transport system and the same is applicable in Nigeria.

There is no state in Nigeria that the masses doesn’t have problem with the transport system and is more chaos within the rush hour.

Keke that is the Tri-cycle is the easier means of internal transportation in Nigeria, I’ve seen some entrepreneurs invest their money in such business by buying keke as many as possible and employ a manager that would employ driver and check mate on them while remitting the agreed weekly returns to the owner sometimes using higher purchase method.

Another transport business to start in Nigeria is by joining the likes of Uber or Bolt drivers if don’t have a car or use your own vehicle if you have one you can do this business as part time.

Also, vehicle hiring business is profitable but you need to have a network and visible so that people can engage with you by hiring your vehicle and service for stipulated period for an agreed price.

57. Social media management

These days many companies need digital marketing services to promote their brands and pitch sales. This business wants to concentrate on their core strength so will need the service of social media manager whether in house or outsourced.

This is a business idea to start in 2021 that can work remotely, anywhere in the world and still make decent income.

Is a low capital start-ups that you will have to start with what you have at hand but you need to have the technical skills to represent the company across social media channels, respond to comments and guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

58. Computer Training school

Some people can still not use computer application packages but can use their phone application packages comfortably, so you can run professional computer training courses for individuals, small businesses and corporate entities.

Furthermore, computer training centre can still be combined with cyber café as they are related and you can use existing space within your reach.

59. Vacation Rental Business ideas

Nigeria is a tourist location and destination brand where people visit whether for business or on holiday sometimes hotels are fully occupied. Vacation rental service is usually a furnished accommodation that the tourist moves in straight away.

You can start these lucrative business ideas in 2021, if you have an empty or spare room for rental you can start with it then expand by collecting other space from other landlords, whom might not be skilled or interested to start such business to rent for vacation then collect your commission by charging a specific price while getting referrals.

60. Real estate business ideas

Make money in real estate with your strategic business plan. Real estate business is profitable because it offers profits as there is increase in value as the property appreciates in value. If there was ever a time when real estate was a very lucrative business, it is now.

Real estate is the type of business to start with low capital; you don’t need lots of money to start any real estate business ideas.  If you are interested, then you set your plan like every other thing, get good online presence, carry out extensive research on the business and branding your business.

61. Pet Care & Dog Business ideas

For you to involve yourself in pet care business, you must have interest in the care and medical treatment of pets.  Most people don’t have the time to engage on dog walk with their dog, you can offer this service like taking the dog for a dog walk at least for 30 minutes a day.

As a matter of fact, many people require a safe place that they can keep their pets for care; if they have to travel out of town with this you can charge for this service.

If you love being with pets and thinking about how to start a dog walking business, how to start a pet sitting business with no money and What are the steps to start a dog walking business; So this is the right time to start your own business today.

62. CV Writer and Editor

Surely you would agree that a good CV is what employers check on before taking on any new employee.

Therefore job seekers always look for someone who is competent in drafting a well catchy Curriculum Vitae or resume for them.

This indicates there is huge market for you; imagine the number of applicants all over the world.

Following this, you can acquire the skills on how to write quality CV and it’s equally a low capital high return business idea to start in 2021.

Moreover, you can offer your services online as well.


Finally, starting any business in 2021involves a number of risk but we have carefully selected from our research and practical experience some insane but true business ideas to start in 2021 with low capital while making huge returns.

However, before you start any of these profitable business ideas mentioned above.

Start by checking out this awesome and related article: what are the most successful small business 

If you enjoy this articles share it with your friends and colleagues!!!!

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

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