The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has indeed changed the face of everything especially the way we meet or face to face meetings due to forceful social distancing measures to stop the coronavirus spread as well as wearing a facemask in public. As for me a Chartered Accountant and Business Consultant that woke up to the new reality of doing virtually all my work relationship on my computer not limiting online meetings and training.

I tried using connectals new video conference alternative to zoom, it’s free for up to 300 hundred people at once and it’s free

Virtual meetings are the trend that will continue in the near future just like wearing facemask as a fashion trend, many have come to realize that online meetings are easy to set up, cheaper to organize, no cost on breakfast and lunch so saving money tips and everyone can attend as well as contribute to the course of the meetings even someone on the sickbed, location is not a barrier. I am a business professional most people have the belief of how we dress but am always on casual business attire that I feel comfortable with.

However, if you connect to an online meeting, do you know the etiquette assessment required for online meetings? I usually wear more business casual attire, but for online meeting I felt a bit different and thinking of what to wear to go to meeting.

The question became what should I wear? How to dress for online meetings? Here are some of my guides on:

How to dress for online meetings?

How to dress for online meetings?

Virtual meetings have become the new way of conducting business or conference meetings even work meetings. Sitting in front of your computer for a meeting needs proper preparation otherwise you may end up looking horrible by the other participant assessment. 

Do you know that online meetings put a lot of attention on your face that includes your jewelry, hair and makeup because people will use your face to access how you are feeling. With that in mind, you need to consider these factors when attending virtual meetings as if you are ready to go to meeting like physical ones.

Your appearance matters

I used to be on my nightclothes in my bed to make calls but all that changed when I got a request from my client requesting for Zoom meeting. It was when I started thinking about talking face to face with my clients so the freedom started fading away.

The dress code for Zoom for me was a business casual although as stated above that people expect me as a professional to be on suit but I wore a printed cotton shirt and sweatpants, Zoom is normally from head to waist so I took care of my hair, face (extra makeup) and good jewelry.

Do you know that your appearance says a lot about you and how people address you before you have a chance to speak. Even in online meeting, people would still judge you based on your appearance.

People make a quick judgment about you, but come to think of it, if not for Covid-19 you won’t wear a stained pyjamas or night gown to official meeting as a CEO. With this in mind, dress the way you were suppose to dress for business hour when you appear on conference. It will help you stay focused and in work mode even if you’re miles away at home. It’s still a work meeting and you should treat it that way. You can put your night clothes back on when the camera stops reading.

Most people have embraced this new condition of less face to face interaction, you need to bear in mind that your new working condition is the same with your old working condition just that it is in a different setting or environment. When it comes in work attire, your clients should see you the same way you normally present yourself in the workplace likewise your co-worker, the professionalism should be there while attending virtual meetings.

Here are some of the best looks to wear on online meetings:

Dress appropriately

What to Wear?

It is also important to put some seriousness in the online meeting likewise dressing. Colour is very important when it comes to camera because some colours go against the camera. Your dressing depends on your profession choose what is appropriate. If you work in a more relaxed environment you can wear casual attire that makes you look good such as shirt and jeans following the rules stated in this article

The stripes, black and checks shirts are not screen friendly. They appear distorted and blurry to the camera and are also highly destructive and dizzying to the viewer. Avoid excess bright or dull colours as they tend to appear blurry on screen and may interfere with the quality of the image. It is always the case on video conference call.

You should wear clothes that are comfortable, fitted clothes with neutral colours are good for both men and women.

For men navy blue or charcoal grey coat with a neutral shirt, if you want to dress like CEOs. The male can also wear formal blue blazer or white or blue shirt with anything for the bottom such as jeans, short or jeans as the camera doesn’t get to show that area.

For female try wearing any of the following:

-Wrap blouse and Sweatpants

-Leather blazer and Sweatpants

-Tulle top and Pants

-Shirt and Short

-Ruffle top and Pants

-Blouse and Pants

-print shirt and Leggings

Don’t dress too casual

If you are attending conference meeting you don’t dress down, you shouldn’t dress down just because you are at home having a virtual meeting. “Dress as appropriately as you would, if you were in the office. You should be professionally dressed if you work in an organisation that requires a certain dress code.

Do not be tempted to dress down in your night wear and T-shirts; you can wear anything from waist down as the zoom doesn’t show those pants and shoes. And also, don’t wear very low neckline and transparent tops are also not appropriate even too big or small cloth.

Face: – Your Makeup, Hair and Jewelry

These are very important for female folk, wear the same kind of makeup you would wear in the office avoid heavy makeup as if you are attending night functions. Please avoid those colourful lipsticks and eye shadows rather choose a neutral colour.

Before your appearance on an online meeting, it is important to ensure that your hair is neat and well-kept to avoid distractions. Do not wear hairstyles that will cover your face and eyes, if you are not sure about these one, just pull your hair back or for this pandemic period and to avoid this trap, you can engage in pullback hairstyles likewise men should not wear cap that cover their face.

Yes jewelry brings out the beauty in you while you should avoid heavy dangling or reflective jewellery should be avoided due to distraction. You can do a test run before the actual conference so you can adjust whatever you need to adjust such as heavy makeup.

Professional setting (Background)

Do you know that you don’t need to be at your office desk to look professional, you can create one in your house because your co-workers or clients don’t need to see your messy bedroom or kid’s toys everywhere.

The background setting is very important, it just simply tells people who you are away from the office so you can choose to be in the lounge, or sit in kitchen worktop but whatever location is your choice, it must have plenty of light and a neutral background. As for me, I have a workstation in my house that comprises of a table with my laptop, some crafts, and my bookshelf behind the table with some photographs on the wall.

What is above the desk is very important as your colleagues and customers still expect a professional look. Your attire can be more relaxed on you but make you feel self-confident.

Doing a screen test before an online meeting is essential and especially if it is the first time you are doing an online meeting while you need to be punctual. It helps not only in checking your appearance but also in familiarizing yourself with the device and making sure everything including the internet is working perfectly. Your background is not noisy or awkward. A bookshelf background would be more ideal and whatever is the wall should be appropriate. And also keep away from children and pets at that time.

Some people are loving this new trend as their strict formal attire work look has been put to rest for now. For instance, for the men, their designer socks and shoes are seen in virtual meetings so no need of wearing. On the other hand, the women are engaged with more of their facial and heels have all disappeared. Try not to overdress but clean attire, as well as the background, should be appropriate for an E-meeting.


You need to dress appropriately for online meeting as if you are attending physical meetings as your clients or co-workers expect the same professionalism as if you are at workplace and your environment should look professional while keeping a tidy table. 

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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