It all started when WHO recommends that people should always wear a face mask to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting to avoid getting an infection as well as reducing the spread of COVID-19  and other respiratory infections such as influenza.

Wearing masks on a daily basis made people be more creative with it, therefore, encouraging creativity in the fashion world. Most people are not interested in wearing face mask due to many personal reasons but the only solution is to have fun wearing the facial accessory which is now mandatory in some countries even though it covers your flawless face.

Designers are being creative by constantly feeding us with new waves of covering our face as well as compliance with orders to wear masks in public to help reduce coronavirus infections. The newest one is face shield; some even attach the transparent part for the eyes portion alone while the lower part (nose and mouth) is cloth cover.

These days, when my family ventures into town to pick up groceries, we see people wearing a rainbow of creative face masks. Have you noticed it too?

Moreover, the mask is not for everyone. Children younger than 2 years of age are exempted from wearing face mask, anyone that needs support removing the face mask or difficulty in breathing and incapacitated.

Why face masks might become a fashion Trend?

Is face mask now a hot fashion accessory for 2020

The face mask will continue to be a fashion accessory until the threat of this virus has been reduced, people should embrace the protection masks even provide for people around you as well as masking for a friend while fighting this virus is everybody’s collective effort because your next-door neighbor can infect you with it.

After all, it’s not necessarily about you, it’s about everyone you come in contact with. You might not provide the expensive ones but you can get cloth face masks such as cotton or Ankara which is cheap and still does the same protection work.

Do you know that some people use face mask to show case images that communicate while some masks are planned to draw laughs, while others aim to impress with elegant embroidery, pearls, lace or tailored finishes as well as all sort of embellishments that match a business suit.

As we talk about available face mask to wear since is now a fashion trend, we need to consider that we are wearing it for a purpose so that leads us to the mask that can protect against COVID 19.

Here are face masks that can protect us against COVID 19 such as surgical masks, N95 masks, and cloth masks. Cloth masks are cheap and simple to make at home. With this in mind, making masks at home will be a new DIY so creative mind can make it fashionable to suit their own fashion sense and as money-saving tips including making soaps, household products.

If you are asking whether face mask are fashionable or will it become fashionable, you need to start paying attention to people wearing face or nose mask that’s when you will see that face as a fashion statement. For the above reason, we can comfortably say that benefit of face masking is that face mask reduce risk of infection and a fashion trend which should be encouraged

Wearing mask alone cannot protect you but practising all the guidelines issued by CDC and WHO; you need to wear your mask, alongside frequent handwashing with soap and physical distancing measures, like staying at least 6 feet 2 meters apart inorder to reduce the chances of contacting the virus.

Our life has changed in the midst of coronavirus, our lifestyle beyond the stay-at-home orders needs to change, and also, we need to continue to use face masks if we want to prevent continued transmission and stay alive. With this new trend, the only time you don’t wear a face mask at the online meetings but once you are physical in the office which is a public place you must put it on

But could this trend continue even after COVID-19?

Well, if COVID-19 is gone, most people think that use of face masks in public will not continue since a lot of people complain about the discomfort that comes with wearing face mask, though it remains to be seen as on-going in Asian countries before corona era. On the other hand, I don’t see the face mask going soon due to future pandemic, we just dealt with Ebola and so on; from one disease to another. And also, How about climate change even our threatened environment might react.

The Disadvantages of Face Masks:

Due the negative issues or problems that the face mask isn’t solving will make the trend of wearing face mask not to continue after Covid-19. Presently, most people sacrifice their comfort by wearing face mask so as to protect themselves and loved ones against covid-19 infection that the one only good reason. Face mask affects the way we interact socially such as people find it difficult to identify someone they know ones the person is wearing face mask.

Another problem is will always remove your mask when you want to engage in facial expressions like a smile. How about individuals with a hearing aid who depends on reading the speaker’s lips to be able to know what the person is saying.

Some people have soft voice that ordinarily you can’t hear them when they speak talk more of when they are covering their mouth with mask. People find it difficult breathing while wearing face covering while the style or size aren’t the issue but just face mask. Therefore with all the disadvantages noted above, people need to find the mask that is functional and fashionable.

The good thing is that fashion designers are focusing on making masks that are comfortable to Sunglasses and hats once started out as items meant to simply protect the wearer from the sun so will face mask follow the same pattern to protect the wearer from contacting diseases or transferring to other person.


Finally, face mask or cloth face cover has a lot of wide variety of designs and styles available. People not only wear cloth face coverings but making a design or fashion statement with their choice of the cloth cover.

The current trend of wearing a face mask has reduced the transmission of Covid-19 and other related diseases like flu and influenza as well as showcasing people’s love for fashion and creativity.

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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