Yes! We all dream to wake up to flawless skin but I tell you what, you don’t have to spend on expensive products or change your beauty rituals or live your life in the spa salon to get a glowing skin.

It is not very easy to figure out the Korean skin care routine to follow for best result but there proven simple ones that will work for you without spending on products for a perfect skin.

Do you know that basic routines such as wash your face regularly, getting adequate sleep and drinking plenty water contribute heavily on how to get a clear skin. The best flawless skincare tips and tricks are not only on choosing the top beauty products but following the simple hottest guides for a glowing skin.

Here are the 12 simple hottest guides to getting a flawless skin:

The 12 Simple Hottest Guides to Flawless Skin/ flawless skin tips and tricks

1. Avoid smoking.

I used to smoke after high school then stumble on an old time friend who treated like a ghost of myself and brought these old pictures of mine that provoked me to see my previous charming balancing oil flawless skin looking old, red eyes, yellow brownish teeth, fallen weak hair, dirty nail and so on.

I decided to make 360 degrees U-turn, the first I did was to have a skin cut with hair salon then I did book for a whole-body spa treatment after the haircut, and also got dentist appointment for my teeth cleansing and I can tell you that was fast tips and tricks that I used to get a flawless youthful skin and also achieved a lot of money saving tips.

You can be talking about how to make your skin glow and still indulge in bad habit of smoking when nicotine destroys skin leaving it sagging and aging. We are talking about the healthy issues related to smoking in this article rather we are more concerned about the effect of the smoking to the skin appearance.

2. Avoid artificial sugar consumption but eat a healthy diet.

You need to that sugar does not only destroy your shape but equally age your face. If you need a flawless face, you need to stop the habit of consuming food that are high in artificial sugar content only consume natural sugar that is sugar from food and fruits.

The beautiful skin that you want to achieve is from the inside out by making sure you have a healthy diet, avoid flawless skin that are outside in such as makeup looks because they are not permanent and will not last at your old age and age you quicker rather than naturally. Balanced diet helps repair the skin from sun damage and ensure you always eat low carb diet.

Your skin has a natural barrier to retain moisture and omega-3 fatty acid from flax seeds and walnuts are essential for your skin ability to retain moisture.

3. Drink water regularly

Water is very important for our healthy life and flawless skin. Is always good to cleanse your body inside out because your external body appearance is as a result of your body intake, if you garbage in, you garbage out. Do you know that if you want to lose weight and have a glowing skin naturally, you have to drink water regularly or other healthy fluid such as fruits or green teas but most times we wake up to grab a cup of coffee.

Water is one of the flawless skin care tips to follow. Are you looking for how to get a clear skin fast. Please look no more and start drinking enough water; that’s why most diets and fitness program ask you to drink daily recommended water, for men is 12.5 cups while women are 9 cups; newborns and infants are 0.7 t 0.8 litres mainly from breast milk or formula.

Most healthy diets contain high volume of water and are good for healthy skin. To achieve a flawless black skin naturally, drinking water is very vital.

4. Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is one of tips and tricks for you to use to get a better skin and hair. Getting enough sleep is very key to avoid your breaking out due the body stress, you need to get daily sleep of up to eight hours as an adult so you can look good is not what beauty products will do, the beauty products will cover the problem for the time but you can’t have a natural glow to feel your best.

Research shows that lack of sleep gives dark circles under the eyes but if you regain it immediately the dark circle will fade away but constantly depriving yourself the sleep will cause it the be permanent as if it is part of your skin colour that when you have to rely on the makeup artist to give the flawless skin makeup every morning.

In addition to the above, is not all about getting up to eight hours but you need to sleep smarter by using clean silk pillowcase that gives better hair and skin while you sleep.

5. Always moisturize regularly.

It is very important to moisturiser your skin and maintaining the water content of the skin leaves the skin feeling fresh and for a healthy skin. Moisturisers strengthen the skin barrier and slow down water loss

You need to get gentle moisturizer not a harsh one and avoid using lotions with heavy fragrances. You need to moisturizer first thing after morning bath and before going to bed at night those are best time to moisturizer your skin. When you moisturizer your skin it gives you a flawless skin.

6. Daily workout routine.

Exercise is good for healthy skin. If you are looking at how to get glowing skin, then adopt a daily home workout routine that will exercise your body.

You can engage in 5 days a week exercise at least for 30 minutes to get you sweating, exercise makes you look younger than your age and get your body back on track while losing weight and excess fat.

7. Keep your skin away from sunlight.

If you can’t keep your skin away from sunlight please do protect it as regularly exposure of your skin to sunlight can cause wrinkles, facial lines, skin cancer and all signs that comes with early aging.

If you have to protect your skin then make sure you use broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVB and UVA light while you apply it at every two hours that you are out in the sun.

You can as well avoid direct sunlight when it’s at its peak and the UV rays are at its peak that is between 10am to 4pm. Do you know that is not only sunlight heat that damages the skin but direct heat exposure such as heater or fireplaces can damage the skin causing collagen and inflammation breakdown so stay few feet away from direct heat.

Some people belief that SPF sunscreen is only for summer not for other days even winter while some other people still protect their self everyday by wearing a protective clothing including broad hats, using SPF makeup and sunglasses. This days there are sunscreen for all skin type even the oily skin but trick there is preventing sun damage that treating it after the damage.

8. Don’t try Every Beauty or skincare Product.

There are too many products out there, you don’t have to use every of it on your skin because it can irritate your skin rather than giving you the glowing skin that you desire. If the purpose of applying the beauty product was to remove a small pimple it can make it worst or cause some breakouts.

As noted above, the best tips and tricks for flawless skin is following the right routines not using hot trendy beauty products. Putting multiple skincare care products  at once on your skin is quick way to early aging and clog pores as well as harsh on your skin.

9. Stop picking your face

It’s difficult to see someone that hasn’t popped their face before but the new gist for you is to stop picking your face.

Most people learn not to pick their face the hard way when they develop secondary infection, bacteria or swollen reddish face even breakouts.

Picking your face can cause infections making the case worst even create a scar if the pick a blemish up to the extent that it started bleeding. If you notice some stubborn foreign bodies on your face or skin rather than picking it you can consult a dermatologist.

10. Just relax.

Relaxation is a proven testimony to getting stress away from your skin. Stress can worsen your skin condition when you are trying to get clear skin.

Most people have testified on how to get smooth skin is by relaxing, that relaxing eliminates wrinkles that could be affected by stress and tension.

For me, if I’m having sharp headache, my solution has always been to relax for a while and the stress causing head ache will vanish and I will be feel free to continue what I was doing.  

11. Wash your face at the appropriate time.

Wash your face in the right way that’s between 30 to 45 seconds for you to remove the dirts and oil on your face and don’t over wash your face; just use oil absorbing sheets to blot your face when you are out about to remove the oil.

Wash your face in the morning wash: Washing your face in the morning wakes your skin up and keeps it ready as well as alive for the day’s radiant look. Again the hair products remnants from your hair then to your pillowcase will stick on your face and cover the pores so you need to wash it out in the morning. Therefore, washing the face will keep the pores open and give you that clear skin.

Wash your face before night bedtime: Always wash your face before going to bed at night to avoid a breakout. Some people use facial wipes to clean their face because they are too tired, I recommend taking out time to wash your face to remove dirt that can weaken your face and take off your makeup. Leaving or sleeping with makeup is not advisable as your skin needs to breathe. You need to wash your face after removing your face mask.

12. Be gentle on your skin.

You need to be soft on your skin. Don’t scrub too hard on your face, scrubbing too hard and over exfoliating on your face can cause swollen skin even rough and other skin problems for you.

You can use a cleaning brush but make sure it’s clean or transfer the oil and acne causing dirty from the dirty brush back onto your face.

Treat your skin mildly to avoid redness, blemish and clogged pores even exfoliating can be once a week, you can softly pat your skin dry rather rubbing it too hard after washing.


You don’t need to use every trending hot skin care products out there or break the bank buying all expensive beauty products to get a flawless skin but you do need to follow the above simple guides to achieve the glowing youthful skin that you so desire.

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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