Are you intending to start any small business that will be successful? Most people venture into different businesses to make a profit.

Although, some businesses by their nature are more profitable than others due to some underlying factors or processes such as operating expenses or general overheads and so on.

These are the determinant that makes the business profitable, if they are low that means high profits and vice versa.

Good small successful business

Good small successful business

There are a lot of businesses out there that one can engage in as an entrepreneur but this article stands to highlight good small business ideas that are successful businesses that you can start.

If you are planning on starting a small business try checking the processes that will affect the profit to know how successful it will be given unforeseen circumstances and challenges in starting any business.

Here are 10 best businesses to start with little or no money.

1. Developing Website

For you to engage in this business idea, you must be creative and have the technical knowhow to execute it to a professional level while making room for growth. This is a service that mostly all the small business needs as every business wants to be visible online.

As for you is a best business to start without capital, the only visible expenses that you will sustain if you want more clients is marketing online.

Some home businesses will want you to develop websites and manage it, you will have to charge an additional fee if not the monthly fee for maintenance. If your website design has quality design and unique other small businesses will be knocking on your door to do business with you because you have what it takes to professional develop website.

2. Bookkeeping and Tax services

Tax and bookkeeping services are one of the accounting services that most entrepreneurs don’t know how to do and need the services. You don’t need any setting up of office or office space as you can be a virtual bookkeeper. Bookkeeping or tax services are business ideas from home and online business ideas.

If you are to start this business you must have the background knowledge and is a business with low expenses, therefore, the profit will be high. Every organisation needs to file their annual tax return so is in high demand with very little or no expenses but you must have the experience to deliver a professional service.

3. Cleaning services and making the household products

These ideas can be double earning entrepreneurial ideas you can explore. The business does not require big capital just purchasing basic cleaning tools like brush. You can take it up as contract for corporate offices and employ staff to will join you when the need arises.

In addition, you can make the chemical that you will be using for the cleaning and charge for it separately or include it in the fees as well as market the products for office use. You can be earning in double ways by starting your own business and build on it while adding other related services or products.

4. Business or management consultant services

You must have the right skills and experience to do this service. Start-up wants to engage a consultant that can provide business advice. You can freelance with other consultants when you have complex jobs or big jobs to deal with so you can deliver quality service and on time.

The overhead expenses are minimal even when you into the fees to be given to other professional. To be successful in this best business to start with little money, you must have a listening ear; engage experienced colleagues maybe as mentor.

5. Corporate catering services

Starting a small business like catering is a good small business to start. Although engaging in cooking for high number of people is demand so if you are to engage in this service you will need support staff and that will be part of the operating expenses.

Any business that has multiplier effect has high profit and the profit will double if your meals are tasty that means you will get recommendation as referral, you can now charge for premium fees.

6. Personal Trainer

People are interested in keeping fit and shedding off excess fat while engaging at home exercise without going to gym. You create your niche of starting an online business where to train people at home.

You can obtain the qualification so you can be able to train somebody but the cost of obtaining such skills isn’t high. I don’t expect you go from house to house training people because the number will be too small to pay you as a full time business but try it as a home business ideas since you are targeting customers doing the exercises at home.

7. Online Training and coaching

You can train people on anything you are an expert even how to start a small business if you have proven result. Online training must not be on websites alone, it can be done on any of the social media platforms like what’sApp, instagram, and so on.

It can be done on zoom or connectals as if you are having virtual meeting. I have received some links that are asking me to join their training on things like how to make money online and pay a small token.

8. Makeup artist

Starting a business from home like this one does not require anything; you can acquire the skill free from some of the online businesses.

As a makeup artist, you need to spend some money to advertise your services online given that there are many makeup artists there. This is one of those businesses that you need to be creative as all clients have different face and needs different looks so there is no formula per se. it’s knowing what to apply to each customer depending on the occasion the clients intends to attend.

9. Marketing Services

These can be startup business ideas as well as good business ideas since most people are setting up small business, you will be the one to market it for them but be sure that you have the skill and experienced team to deliver the marketing need.

10. Technology repair services

There is no household that doesn’t have gadgets like phone. If you have the skill and thinking about how to start your own business. this can be a business to start that have potential high customers with low operating expenses. You can charge anything what matters to people is that their gadgets are working properly. You can teach people are interested in learning and charge for it.

There are other successful business ideas that you can start and still make reasonable money outside the ones described above such as crafts.


There are other small businesses that are successful but these ones mentioned in this article are the ones that are highly profitable which means that they are rewarding.

If you have finally chosen any of the business ideas above make sure you follow the principle of how to start a business because all businesses have the same process irrespective of whether is small or big business so you can become successful.

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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