Do you know that anybody can start any craft business but the key here is to know the crafts that are profitable in 2021? If you are thinking about crafts to sell and make the big money that’s good profit, not all craft projects make the project, you have to think about some factors that will after the profits such as the cost of production, whether it will satisfy people’s need that will help you determine whether such craft projects are worth venturing into or determine the level of expected profit. This article will expose you to those easy craft ideas that make huge profits margin at low cost.

Well, I make crafts for home use but later found some ideas about what DIY Crafts that I can make that are highly profitable, you can now find some easy ideas for crafts to make and sell for money.

Most Profitable crafts to make and sell

Most Profitable crafts to make and sell

To get high-profit margins while lowering your costs .you must determine your target market so as to know whether you are to make premium products, and charge a premium price. Also, you must have unique products.

The important thing here is that you can create all these crafts at home. You can ask families and friends to review it without selling it to them so you take actions based on their reviews as well as improve on them before marketing it the public. In addition, you don’t need to go to craft shows yet to sell crafts unless you have varieties, crafts are certified to high quality control and quantities to meet the demand.

Most people thinks that the fact, they are homemade crafts does make it difficult for you to sell, you can sell them on social media platforms like instagram, Facebook and you can open up a shop if you have the resources to create crafts that make money and sell looking at your ROI.

Here are some 15 easy DIY crafts to do at home to make money that’s huge profits:

1. Bath and body products (Soaps)

Some of my friends have been making money selling their homemade bath and body products online for several years; I never knew it was a lucrative craft until I started selling mine.

For example, soaps are exciting craft to make, and it’s an easy thing to make and sell. You don’t need a lot of tools and you can sell online.

Do you know that you can make good profit if you learn the processes well and buy quality materials in large quantities at wholesale prices, when you lower your costs without reducing your quality, your profit will be high.

In bath & body businesses, high volumes drive profits, so for a soap-making business; you can use wholesalers, they are another great sales channel for soap makers because they buy in volumes but they look out for a creative unique products with good branding.

2. Bath Bombs

There are a lot of homemade bath bombs out there now but if you are very creative; you can stand out with yours.

Bath bombs are very popular and super cheap to produce with few ingredients like soda, olive oil, food color, Epsom salts, citric acid, water and essential oil.

You can sell them in colourful bundles for good profit at craft markets and online. You can create and sell bath bombs with homemade soaps as well as making sugar scrub which is another easy DIY craft idea.

3. Art Work

If you talk about things to make and sell with huge profit, art work is one of them because the price tag is based on the crafter choice because art works are unique in nature and tells emotional stories that appeal to larger audience.

You can transfer one particular piece of art work to other works like cloth and mugs so that particular art can be used and sold many times as long as people continue to demand for it and a high profitable Diy crafts to sell.

Some art work can be picture frames which you see them in arts and crafts stores, online stores and craft market. Picture frame are cheap, easy and fun to make, you can paint it the way you like, just be creative with it.

4. Photograph

Yes, even with people taking pictures with their phone camera some people argue that such craft services are no longer needed or profitable but it is still needed for occasions such as weddings. To start this craft business you need good camera and its accessories.

You need to create time to take pictures edit them and sell to some online stores that collect different pictures, this is one of the Christmas crafts to sell and make good money like pictures with Santa or a nice background filled with snow. You can use the photograph to decorate walls

5. Sewing or Knitting

Sewing is one of the things to make and sell. Crafts from sewing are always in demand but you need good quality material and be creative with your craft. It’s not the only quality that you will concentrate on, you need to choose materials that are attractive to the buyer. It is not all crafts that make money so you need to carry out the process that is involved to produce the craft and crosscheck it to the anticipated price so you can determine the level of profits.

Knitting is a good DIY craft to sell. You can knit anything from head to toe even for interior decoration. Knitting or crochet are becoming trendy due to the fact that you can make anything out of it like a cardigan the same with face mask.

6. Homemade Toys

This craft is perfect for you to make extra money every weekend selling handmade toys. You can make baby ribbon toys that you don’t need to sew. If you have sewing skills, you can create lovely plush toys with colors.

Most parents buy cute and adorable plush toys for their children, the market cannot be saturated. This toy animal is usually not a craft project that is expensive to make and they are friendly to children.

7. Fabric or clay keychains

Do you know that crafts that make money are usually the ones that are bright, attractive, sweet colorful, valuable, and easy to use?

If you’re looking for easy crafts to make and sell, keychains are good ones to try your hands on. You’ll need a beautiful creative idea to stand out there but once you find that unique idea that pins sales for you, it can comfortably become a successful small business for you to earn a living.

Another easy-to-make and profitable craft are clay keychains that are mostly personalized within the clay.

8. Baby Blanket

Every new parent will welcome their newborn with a colorful blanket even some old parents. With this in mind, imagine the market demand.

You can create different styles and designs with beautiful fabrics; there is a huge market that you can sell online even on ecommerce sites.

9. Scented Candles

If you are looking to earn extra money without leaving your house, it is an idea about crafts to make and sell scented candles

The candle is in every home and I love scented candles as well; they are mostly DIY crafts for adults. Adults use it for relaxing, freshener, even for romance. They look nice and smell good too. Some people look for organic candles especially when their intention is to gift them out.

Candle overhead costs are usually very low because you don’t require big high-priced equipment. Once you are coming into the candle business as a crafter, all you need to do to make money in candle-making is melt your wax and mix ingredients, then quickly pour the wax into several containers with wicks. If you create your own candles, it is so simple and cheap, and you can add your own scents and colors too.

The jar container is the key for this business so you need to source a fine jar from wholesalers at a very low cost because the jar is the only significant cost in scented candle craft.

10. Purses

Many fashion lovers are going crazy with carrying handmade bags and purses. They are easy to DIY crafts to sell. In the female world, they like to be seen carrying unique colorful purses.

11. Headbands

Another profitable craft to make are headbands, which never fail to be hit amongst little girls. The materials to make these are inexpensive, colorful, and can be sold for a good profit.

You can also make different-sized headbands for adults, babies, and younger girls. Babies and younger girls are in high demand because they dress colorful all the time and match their outfits to their accessories.

If you know how to make headbands, you can use your television time to make them quickly and with little material or even pieces from leftover materials once is it’s colorful. You can make unique different styles and designs to stand out from the high competition, so they’re a great craft to sell. Plus, there are so many unique styles and designs you could do in order to make your products stand out.

12. Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular thing to make and sell but you need to make yours unique. If you are working on beads, wire, and thread as jewelry doesn’t require a lot of materials try keeping the cost as low as possible unless you are diving into gold and silver if you have such high-end customers, who know the worth.

Jewelry is a popular craft that makes money as it is an accessory that compliments fashion. It’s also in high demand. Jewelry such as earrings are easy to make, wire bead rings and beaded bracelets are easy to make too.

You make more money when you buy the materials in volumes and mix them with different shapes as well as colors to look attractive.

13. Homemade lip balm

Yes, homemade lip balm, tell me any female that doesn’t want to have that juicy and sexy lips. It is very easy to make and will always be in demand as well as trending. The common lip balm is strawberry-flavored lip balm due to its pink color that resembles the color of one’s lip.

You materials like sweet almond oil, strawberry flavor, cocoa butter, and some beeswax for a strawberry lip balm but you can make varieties of flavors. You can also make strawberry lip scrub and sell it together as a bundle with the strawberry lip balm.

14. Home Decor

Everybody wants a beautiful well-decorated home with beautiful homemade items, so you can start making your own money if you have an interest in this trend and make some amazing wooden pieces for home décor.

15. Decorate Mugs

Another idea for crafts that can be used as gifts or customized with the artwork. If you are good at design and love to play around with paint.

Then you can make and sell decorated mugs for great profit because the cost of producing the mug is very low and the price can be any price due to the designs are that of yours and no same designs from another crafter.


If you are thinking of how to make crafts and make good money from crafts. The time is now, not that you can’t make any craft of your choice but some are low cost, therefore, increasing the profits while others are vice versa.

This article has highlighted the crafts that make the most money that you can venture into while checking the processes involved and the materials in order to determine the profit level while you can sell your homemade online or Ecommerce sites.

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

Ifeoma Miriam Osuala

I'm Ifeoma but IMF as fondly called by professional colleagues. IMF was born and raised in Nigeria, started with BSc Accounting moved to the UK to pursue her career in MBA, Fashion and ACCA, then another escape to Japan on Tourism Development, got bored of both UK and Japan decided to move to Nigeria as a Business & Financial consultant while lecturing ACCA trainees. Oh yes! I love traveling, writing, fashion & sewing, cooking, healthy living and still feels passionate about her professional services, offering advice and tips to the world whether for you as a student, job seeker, starting a new business, or a professional.

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